8 Signs You Have A Vitamin B12 Deficiency – And How To Fix It

These signs shows B12 deficiency – Here is the solution for it.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is the main cause of a lot of mental & physical disorder. As it is directly affected on appetite. If we will not eat food properly at proper time then this became the great issue in our life. It creates or invites the so many diseases in our body. As like cholera, typhoid, Jaundice because due to less eating or loss of appetite we can’t eat at proper time & it reduces our immunity system power along with inner protecting power .We are directly catch the infections & suffered from the lot of issues.

If you want to keep body strong & away from all diseases .Then eat at proper time / Whatever maybe you have in your home may be only chutney & Roti but keep your mood happy & eat it happily with happy thoughts it can automatically secrets good enzymes & hormones .These hormones effects on our all systems as well on our diet & we can be free from all diseases as well as any physical & mental disorders.

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8 Signs Of A Vitamin B12 Deficiency 

1] We have the main problem of headache . It is due to loss of appetite.

2] Some small kids hands becomes very thin , pale skin as well as they looks like anemia patients .

3] If we will not attend to the patient properly it will definitely convert into Anemia.

4] Sometimes small kids become so weak that his stomach getting swallowed & his head becomes  big .This patient lost his capacity to learn or eat or mix with everyone.

5] Creates a lot of rashes in the mouth  or on the face also & didn’t want to eat new type of food.

6] Losing desire of eating new food items  or to eat regular food items.

7] Creates  a lot of pain in the body but we can’t understand it by outer side.

8]  Creates some disturbances in the ex creation process.

9] Sometimes a lot of urinary infections also creates with it .

10 ] It increases anxiety, stress, pressure , depression etc .

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How to overcome this deficiency ?

1] Eat fresh food, fresh leafy vegetables  & fresh fruits at proper time .

2] Whatever may be you are eating try to keep mind happy . Otherwise no use of eating good food.

3] Eat fishes, meat, eggs in the balance of your body .If we will eat in more  proportion then it can also creates  a lot of problems.

4] Eating variety of foods also keeps balance in all vitamins.

5] Everyday must have to drink milk in the morning.

6] Eat sprouted food as like Mataki, Moong, gram toor etc

7] Keep avocado everyday in your diet.

8] Jowar Roti, leafy vegetables,milk, meat, eggs, fishes, some special fruits contains vitamin B12.

9] If  you can’t manage all these things easily in your home then we have tablet supplements in the medical shops, Bring some tablets from the shop & be ready to eat it regularly .But keep in mind habit to eat tab everyday is very dangerous to us,

10 ] Keep your food taking habits properly.

11]Make proper balance in food taking means some people have bad habits that is eating at one time more & not to eat after through out the day .This also causing deficiency in vitamins .

12] Do not eat at night after  11 o clock . This creates problems in digestion & reduces Vitamins.

13] Always try to take balanced diet means everyday rice, chapati, dal, leafy vegetables, chutney etc.

14 ] Avoid black tea, eating nicotine, smoking drinking wine , stale food eating etc .

15] Keeping balance in diet means making money regularly or it is the good investment for the life.

16] Life doesn’t exists more time so be aware for diets , deficiency,  & food habits.

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