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Why do people take B12 shots? Vitamin B12 can do two things: deliver energy and assist in helping you lose weight. More people suffer from B12 deficiencies than you would think. Many don’t even realize they have a B12 deficiency. The quickest way to cure a deficiency is by using a b12 shot. If you take this consistently, you will soon have adequate B12 levels. But it’s not only the deficient that uses this supplement.

Today, people are taking vitamin b12 shots purely to boost their energy levels. Even celebrities like Madonna, Charlize Theron and Justin Timberlake swear by it. Others use it to assist in weight loss programs.

“Research shows that when someone is deficient and you supplement—either through a pill or a monthly injection, administered by a doctor—there is an improvement in energy,” states Ashley Barrient, R.D., of the Loyola Center for Metabolic Surgery and Bariatric Care.

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Signs and Symptoms of B12 Deficiency

Four out of every 100 women between the ages of 40 and 59 have a vitamin b12 deficiency. That doesn’t mean that you have to be between those ages to have low b12 levels. Let’s take a look at some of the signs of vitamin b12 deficiency:

  • – Fatigue
  • – Pale skin
  • – Heart palpitations
  • – Constipation
  • – Loss of appetite
  • – Vision loss
  • – Nerve problems like tingling in hands
  • – Memory loss
  • – Depression

If you are experiencing any of the above b12 deficiency symptoms, you should consider taking B12 supplements. The most effective method is b12 shots because they work faster and more intensely than pills.

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What causes B12 Deficiency?

Vegetarians and vegans are the most susceptible to low levels. That’s because b12 only occurs in animal products like meat, dairy, eggs and shellfish.

Taking certain medication can also affect your odds. Heartburn medications, diabetes medication and POS meds are the most common forms of medication for b12 deficiency causes. Here are some additional risk factors that can increase your chances:

  • – Smoking
  • – Alcohol abuse
  • – Having an autoimmune disorder such as diabetes or an overactive thyroid
  • – Birth control pills
  • – Low stomach acid
  • – Aging

You might have a deficiency and not even realize it. Have you been feeling tired a lot recently? Does your skin look more pale than usual? Are you blaming heart palpitations on too much coffee? Chances are, you could be deficient too. While the symptoms don’t sound too dangerous, the long term affects of not getting enough vitamin b12 could be fatal. That is why you need to do something about it. It’s always better to start treating the issue now than it is to wait until there’s little or nothing you can do.

Keep reading to find out more about b12 and why you might need to purchase vitamin b12 shots.

What is B12?

You’re probably wondering what is vitamin b12 good for? Well, B12 is an essential vitamin that the body needs to thrive and develop properly. It is especially vital for hormonal and metabolic functions.

B12 is needed for over 100 daily functions in your body!

In other words, you can’t afford to have a lack of b12 in your body. It really is a vital vitamin that serves a number of functions – over 100 per day as we said. Here are just few roles of vitamin b12:

  • – Forms red blood cells
  • – Facilitates conversion of protein and fats
  • – Plays a role in fetal development
  • – Protects cardiovascular health
  • – Maintains neurological health
  • – Helps with production of hormones
  • – Converts amino acids to make creatine

These are just few of the roles this essential vitamin plays. You need it. Everybody needs it if they want to be healthy and strong.  Now let’s take a look at vitamin b12 uses.

B12 Injection Benefits

People usually take vitamin b12 shots to cure a deficiency. But that’s not all the vitamin b12 injection is good for. People use it for a range of things – even celebrities use it for its energy boosting benefits. Here we look at the benefits of b12 shots:

  • Reduces fatigue: today, one of the most common reasons people take vitamin b12 injections is too reduce fatigue and boost their energy levels. It can even help people with chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Improves your metabolism: people suffering from a sluggish metabolism use b12 shots for weight loss. Because the vit b12 injections regulate hormone production and give patients more energy, patients have stated changes in appetite and improved physical performance since taking b12 injections for weight loss.
  • Helps assist weight loss programs like the HCG diet: it can improve the results of certain programs to make you lose weight faster.
  • Boosts low sperm count
  • Prevents heart disease, stroke and heart attacks
  • Treats depression

One of the reasons injections are more popular than pills is because injection is known to be absorbed by the bloodstream faster and more efficiently. It is generally a better method of taking the vitamin. Although don’t let that stop you from buying b12 tablets if you feel more comfortable with them. Just so you know, b12 injections are totally safe and they do not hurt.

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B-12 Shots Uses

The common reason that people take b-12 injections is to fix a deficiency. However, the vitamin has countless other uses.

  • Athletes take b12 vitamin for energy and endurance
  • People take it to improve their mood and sense of wellbeing
  • Sick people take it to improve their immune system
  • The elderly use it to prevent bone disease and stroke
  • Others use it to treat sleep disorders
  • B12 vitamin injections are also used to reduce the chances of breast cancer, cervical cancer and lung cancer

So you can see that the vitamin has a number of uses and benefits. And you can find it in a range of common foods. Although it’s not always possible to absorb enough of the vitamin through the foods you eat. Nonetheless, it can improve your levels in the long run so make sure you start stocking up. Just be warned that it takes a lot of time to boost your levels through food. Some people aren’t even able to get enough from b12 food sources.

Vitamin B12 Foods

You can find vitamin b12 in foods. While you can get your dosage from eating the foods containing this vitamin, if you are deficient, it has been proven that it is more effective to use supplementation, whether that’s through shots or pills. Still, it is good to know which food sources you can find the vitamin. It’s in more foods than you would think. Let’s take a look at the top ten foods with b12 in them.

  • – Clams
  • – Eggs
  • – Milk
  • – Beef
  • – Cereals
  • – Mackerel
  • – Liver
  • – Fortified tofu
  • – Chicken
  • – Swiss cheese

The only downside to trying to boost your b12 through foods is that it takes longer to reach your desired levels than taking b12 shots. This enters your system faster and yields more rapid results.

Mixing HCG and B12 Injections For Fat Loss

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone released during pregnancy. Today, it serves as a weight loss injection used in conjunction with a 500 calorie diet / 800 calorie diet to achieve fast fat loss. You can lose 1lb per day on this diet. It only lasts up to 6 weeks, comprising of four different phases, but everybody’s who been on this diet will say the same thing: it works – FAST!

That’s because the hormone allows you to survive on just 500 calories per day without feeling hungry. And everybody knows that the reason we gain weight is because we eat too many calories. So by using this hormone, you will be able to cope with the limited calorie intake and see really fast results. The weight will just drop off.

Lipo B12 injections aren’t incorporated into the diet because of the vitamin’s weight loss abilities. It actually does not contribute to weight loss. It is seen as a slimming aid because taking b12 increases your energy levels. If you supplement the hcg for weight loss diet with injections b12, it will boost your energy levels and enhance your digestion. Health experts recommend you take it in addition to hcg injections or hcg drops. While the hg hormone works efficiently alone, taking b12 shots simultaneously will make it even easier for you to lose pounds.

Does B12 Shots Help You Lose Weight?

B12 Injection Side Effects

Fortunately, there are not many side effects of vitamin b12 shots. Here are some of the potential ones you might experience:

  • Pain/itching/redness at the injection site
  • Diarrhoea
  • Muscle cramps

If you experience any of the above side effects, it is your choice to cease use. The good thing about these injections is that they contain natural vitamin b12. For that reason, they are not unhealthy to take. However, it is important that you know how to take them correctly and use the right dosage.

B12 Injection Dosage

Getting the dosage right is important when taking any medication. If you don’t take enough, the supplement might not show any results. If you take too much, you could end up suffering negative side effects or potentially something more fatal. Always do your research before using any medication to ensure you are taking it correctly.

Your vitamin b12 dosage depends on what you are using it for in the first place. If you are suffering from anemia or low levels of b12, 100mcg b12 shots should be used each day for two weeks. You can then take a blood test to see if your levels have risen.

If there is improvement, you can change the dose to every other day for the next seven days. This will then be followed by a b12 dosage of every three days for two to three weeks. When your levels reach a normal level, it is recommended that you take a vitamin b12 injection monthly to maintain your levels.

The standard daily dosage is 100mcg.

The maximum b12 injection dose is 3000mcg, but this dosage should only be taken in the treatment of diseases.

B12 Injections or Tablets?

B12 is crucial for the human body. Without it, you could suffer from a range of negative symptoms and health issues. In other words, it is better if you can find a way to prevent it or cure it. But what is the best b12 supplement to choose?

According to doctors, there’s not a huge difference between b12 pills and shots. They are both effective. The choice depends largely on your reason for using them.

Taking b12 as an injection is vital for some people. Especially those suffering from pernicious anemia, who require the best possible absorption of the vitamin. In fact, that’s one of the reasons people opt for the B12 shots – because they are absorbed by the body faster and easier than pills.

On the other hand, if you only have a mild deficiency the pills will work just fine. If you don’t feel comfortable using injections, the tablets will also work well for you.

Doctors generally recommend weekly b12 injections initially. Once you’ve raised your levels, you can use an oral supplement. However, it is safe to continue with the injections long term or go long term with pills too.

B12 Methylcobalamin vs Cyanocobalamin

Are you wondering what the difference between Vitamin B12 methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin is? Maybe you’ve heard of them both and you’re not sure which one is better for you. The main difference is that methylcobalamin possesses a methyl group while cyanocobalamin contains a cyanide molecule. Don’t worry, though. The quantity of cyanide in an average supplement is so small, it will not be harmful to you.

Methylcobalamin is the purest form of vitamin b12. Cyanocobalamin is less natural than Methyl because it is a man-made form of the vitamin. You will notice a difference in price between the two. The former is more expensive than the latter because it is purer and more potent. Cyanocobalamin b12 injections are more common because they are cheaper to produce. They are still effective, but many people favor b12 Methylcobalamin shots because it is seen as the superior health supplement.

B12 Cyanocobalamin shots are still good. People regularly use them. They’re just not as pure as Methylcobalamin b12 injections. Methylcobalamin b12 shots are also more easily absorbed, which could be a reason why people favor it over others.

All in all, it depends on what your budget is. If you would prefer the purer form, Methy-b12 should be your first choice. If you have a tighter budget, the cyan shots will work well for you too. It’s not that they don’t work. They definitely do work. It just depends on your own personal preference.

B12 Shots Reviews

Mason improved his physical performance

Excellent for athletes! I’m an athlete myself and I’ve been using these b12 injections for the last couple of months now. The results are incredible. My physical performance is way better now than it was before I started taking the supplements. I would recommend this product to everyone wanting more energy and better fitness levels! – Mason Lewis

Amy got her vitamin b12 levels back to normal

These b12 shots are great energy boosters. I actually had no idea I had a deficiency until I took an annual blood test. That’s when my doctor recommended I take a supplement and come back after a month. She said the injections would work better for me because my b12 vit levels were so low. In just a month of using them, I started noticing how much better I felt generally. Doing simple tasks like washing the dishes or the car were no longer dreaded chores. I had all the time in the world for them in fact. When I went back to the doc, I had another blood test and the results showed that my b12 blood levels had risen quote significantly. Now I take the injections just to maintain the levels, but soon I should be able to end my intake. Although I don’t like injections, these vitamin b12 shots worked great and gave me no end of energy. Well recommended!!! – Amy W.

Trey lost weight

The b12 diet kit I bought worked really well. I had a bit of stinging and redness the first couple of times I used the injection. Since then I’ve not had any problems. I’ve only had great results from this kit. – Trey Edwards

Charlie says the shots are more effective than food

Fantastic product – it works. If you’ve ever been severely deficit in b12, you will know how uncomfortable it is. You feel tired all the time, you feel week, and your skin looks super white. It’s the worst feeling ever. I tried boosting b12 naturally with food but it didn’t work very fast. That’s why I tried the b12 shots. A friend told me she’d used them before and they worked for her, so I wanted to see if they worked just as good for me. Fortunately, they worked amazing!!! My advice for using them is to make sure you get good advice on taking the right vitamin b 12 dose. It matters a lot to how effective they will be for you. Apart from that, I couldn’t be happier with the shots and how fast they worked. The injections also hurt a lot less than I expected. Phew! – Charlie Grey

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B12 Injections Before and After

B12 Shots Before and After
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B12 Shots Reviews – Vitamin B12 Shots Review

Janine cured her chronic fatigue symptoms


Chronic fatigue syndrome is the worst. Not enough people take it seriously but they should because it’s a condition that affects your life. I know because it affects mine…every day. It’s no lie that I could sleep for 15 hours a day comfortably. I wouldn’t even feel bad about it because I feel like my body really needs those extra hours of sleep. But I do feel bad about how it affects my work.

The vitamin b12 injections I’ve been taking the past couple of weeks have definitely made a small improvement to my energy levels. I still could sleep for 15 hours but I feel like I can get away with 12 now – major improvement. My doctor has advised me to start taking the injections once every couple of days now, so I’m hoping my CFS gets better and better.

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I recommend this!

I’ve always tried to manage my diet and go out for some brisk walking and any forms of exercise but I haven’t felt any evidence of weight loss. I only earn the minimum wage and i don’t get enough budget for all my health maintenance products in a month. But then a friend told me to use this.

Nothing works as fast as Cyanocobalamin Injection Vial. This is so far the most effective, yet affordable way to lose weight. Now, I don’t have to worry about my budget and health. Why would I go back to my old and costly products when I already have the CYANOCOBALAMIN INJECTION Vial now!

Vitamin B12


Personally, I was always suspicious about using any kind of medicine or supplements when trying to loos wait, always wary of the eventual side effects and how long-lasting these so called ‘ wonder’ medicine would work until I was made familiar with Vitamin B12! I visited several sites and consulted with my doctor and got more and more information on how Vitamin B12 was achieved – how it will support your weight loss and how it benefited my daily routine and diet and I must say, I am amazed at the results! Medical experts have done numerous tests and concluded that the mild side effects are if and when administered correctly very mild and they should normally not occur, however it is always recommended to consult your doctor or physician as I did! Since I have been using Vitamin B12 I see great results in my weight loss and my general health and feel amazing!

Do your research and start today and you also will see the amazing results!

Vitamin B12 helping in loosing 10kg


I have been taking b12 shots for the past few months. It gives so much energy in my body and also boosts my metabolism. I started eating more but something that my body needed. It also helps loosing unwanted pounds. I am mainly taking eggs in most of my foods. Also doing regular workout so exercise with diet help me the most. I would suggest people who wanted to loose their weight as quickly as i did then they should take vitamin b12 shots regularly. Other option is the injection which people follow but i wont prefer it personally. It is better we do it naturally. Vitamin b12 worked for me and i hope other people will also find result from it too.

Vitamin b12 shots for weight loss


I have read about vitamin b12 shots in paper. I got impressed by the result that people are getting. I started taking it immediately after it. It started reacting on my body through energy, more eating form. It has made my metabolism better. I started losing extra shades weight. But it didn’t stop me there. I started doing exercise regularly. This injections best known as shots lose 300-400 calories per day and exercise helps in losing more weight. I have lost around 6kg in 15 days which is quite a lot. I am applying it from last two months and wanted to carry this forward until I won’t lose enough weight.