Colin f Watson Review: Everything You NEED to Know 2022!

Update August 2020: Everything you need to know about Colin F Watson!

Colin F Watson is the leading HCG for weight loss supplier in the United States.  This company’s goal is to help you reach your weight loss goals as fast as possible. And the proven way to do that is through the unique hormone they sell available in drops and injections. The Colinfwatson program is the most effective weight loss program in the world. Want help achieving a safe and fast body transformation that literally turns heads? You could be the person to turn heads with the Colin F Watson diet.

In this article, we are going to provide you with a complete Colin F Watson review which will include information on the company, products, how it works, and testimonials.

Colin F Watson has coached over 8,000 people to help them lose weight. Now it’s your turn to get the lean, chiseled body you deserve.  You can lose 1-2lbs per day on this diet!

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Who is Colin F Watson?

Colin Watson is a certified nutrition coach and a HCG diet coach. Eight years ago, Watson completed the HCG diet, a program that requires you to eat 500 calories per day while taking hcg injections or drops to decrease your hunger. After seeing such incredible results with the diet, Colin F Watson has been helping people achieve their diet goals ever since. To provide the best possible weight loss results, Colin F Watson has created an advanced protocol known as the Colin F Watson diet. He is also the author of Colin F Watson HCG body for life.

You can read more about HCG for men to discover its other uses in addition to weight loss.

Colin F. Watson HCG Diet

The Colin F Watson diet plan is a little different to the original HCG plan. Micro nutrient rich recipes and interval training workouts have been added into the equation. It works even better than the original diet as a matter of fact. You will be astonished by the results, especially about how fast you can lose weight on this program. Originally the diet follows a 500 calorie diet restriction, but you can also follow the updated versions: 800 calorie diet and 1200 calorie diet.

According to Watson, you have 96% chance of success with this diet.

The Colin F Watson weight loss plan is very similar to the original, with minor tweaks. Here are the three phases of the diet for you to follow.

Colin f Watson

Phase 1: The Loading Phase

Begin the diet by loading up on fatty foods and start taking the hormone injections. We know this sounds counterproductive but it’s supposed to help you cope easier with the next phase. Phase 1 only lasts 2-3 days. This is really just to prepare your body for the diet phase, otherwise known as the hardest phase of the plan.


Breakfast: cheese and bacon omelet

Lunch: bagel with cream cheese. 1 milkshake.

Dinner: chicken pasta with salad.

Snacks: potato chips, donuts

Phase 2: The Diet Phase

The Colin Watson phase 2 is the weight loss phase. This is the phase where you’ll start seeing results. Continue using your HCG drops or injections. It’s also the phase were you start adhering to a diet of between 500 and 750 calories per day. The Colin F Watson phase 2 lasts for three to six weeks depending on the plan you’re using.


Breakfast: coffee or tea. 1 apple.

Lunch: grilled chicken with mixed greens

Dinner: lentil soup

Phase 3: The Stabilization Phase

Colin F Watson phase 3 is where you’ll see the real transformation. By now the results from the last should be showing. In this phase you can start increasing your calorie intake slightly and trying to stick to eating no sugar and starches.

You can find out lots of information from the Colinfwatson com learning videos. To read more about the diet and weight loss, visit the Colin F Watson blog.  And of course, the Colin F Watson book is a great resource.

Colin F Watson Products

If you want to follow the Colin F Watson HCG Plan, you’ll need to purchase the drops or injections. You cannot do the diet without the hormone supplement. This is part of the secret that makes you lose weight so fast. Fortunately, Colin F Watson sells a range of products on his site, including drops and injections.

One of the most popular Colin F Watson health products are the kits. The Colin F Watson HCG kits provide you with all the equipment you need to do the diet. They’re also a great price and probably work out cheaper than continually buying the hormone solution separately.

When you order from the Colin F Watson store, you’ll also get free help, recipes and support. You are not alone on your weight loss journey. Whatever concerns or questions you have, Colin Watson will go through it with you to ensure you are on the right path.

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Colin Watson Dosage

According to top doctors in the US, it’s good to start your dosage at 150 iu per day. Then you can go up to 200 iu. It’s always important to take your HCG shots correctly otherwise they might not work in the best way. The best time of day to administer is in the morning upon waking. This way you won’t forget to take it.

Fortunately, the Colin Watson workout program customer service will help you out and provide you with useful advice.

Whoever you are and whatever your fitness goals are, Colin F Watson is there to discuss it with you. He wants you to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals so he’ll go to great lengths to ensure you get your dream body.

Colin F Watson Review

Want to know whether you should buy from the Colin F Watson online store? Our readers have left their Colin Watson reviews below. It’s always good to hear what others have to say about a company.

Finley lost 44lbs

I ordered one of the kits from the Colin F Watson website and was very happy with the product and service! The customer service was excellent, the weight loss kit worked so quickly, and the prices were great too. Following three cycles of the Colin Watson diet, I lost 44lbs. I recommend using the kits personally because they’re just simpler to use. Colin himself is already a great guy and he’s one of the few company owners that actually answers his phone. So if you have any questions, you can give him a call anytime. He’s always happy to help his clients. Recommended to anyone seeking a quality service! – Finley Leon

Colin f Watson Before and After
Load high resolution (HCG Before & After)

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You can buy hcg directly from the Colin F Watson site. On the website, you will find a range of different products at reasonable prices. Everybody who completes the Colin F Watson bootcamp and diet program takes the hormone supplements. It is not possible to consume only 500 calories per day without them. This hormone decreases your appetite, so you can easily survive on such a low calorie limit. It basically stops you feeling hungry which stops you from reaching for another cookie.

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Colin F Watson Reviews

Kieran lost 18lbs


I buy all my injection supplies from Colin F Watson and I’m yet to be disappointed by the product or service. Don’t risk buying those really cheap products you find online – you’ll end up getting something that doesn’t work. Try Colin’s supplements and I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Sarah lost 39lbs


After reading Colin Watson’s HCG Body For Life book, I immediately bought their injections and started the diet. I’m not going to say it was easy because it wasn’t. Like all diets, you have guidelines to follow and they’re not always fun. But I will say that this is the diet where I’ve seen the fastest results. It really is possible to lose 2lbs per day.

I think the diet was made easier because of Colin and his wife Jayne. Since the beginning, they’ve helped me no end with my diet journey. They are such a lovely couple and a pleasure to deal with. I’ve lost 39lbs to date. This diet has really worked for me and I wouldn’t even consider trying another. Thanks so much to Colin F Watson for all his help!

Reputable Supplier


I’ve been purchasing Colin F Watson HCG injections for the period of over a year now and am more than content with his products and overall service. Colin is a great, friendly guy who has personal experience using these injections. He lost weight using this stuff himself. One of the reasons I actually bought hcg from Colin F Watson site was because of his personal story. I loved the fact that he was so open with his readers and shared his secrets for weight loss. And my gut feeling was right: this hcg supplier is awesome! Seriously, I have literally nothing bad to say about this supplier or the products themselves. They are extremely high quality and most importantly, they work! If you are looking for a supplier, I cannot recommend this one enough. You get first class products, fast delivery and friendly customer support that is more than useful.

Positive review about my experience buying HCG products from the online Colin f Watson store and what I thought about the service


Recently, I bought Human Chorionic Gonadotropin from the online Colin f Watson store. I think their procedure is so much user friendly. It is very much easy to order a product there in the colin f watson online store. I can surely recommend it as a very good online store. I tried so many online shop for the products but it was quite unreachable except this one. The system of their process make me amazed. I am very much happy to get the link of this store.
Many of the stores are also available but they were asking the high price than the original price of the product.
But there is Colin f watson online store that gave me the product at the right time and at original price that is asked by the company. Their charges for the delivery also at lower rate. we are in the dynamic world and they are just doing the business keeping pace with the world.
So, now we come to a point that is more beneficial for all the people about this store. They response so quickly and their most important task is that they check your recommended prescription for every products.
Though they are online based store they have so many outlets in your reasonable area. From where you can easily have the products. But i can suggest you one thing in particular that you should order the products via online as you will have the product to your residence without costing any calories and saving your most valuable time. You can make good use of your time.

HCG products from the online Colin f Watson store


HCG products offered by Colin F Watson are of quality according to reviews by some clients online. Products are said to be genuine, safe does contain HCG. It is also shipped from a regulated pharmacy in the US.
Colin F. Watson aims to support people from all walks of life to explore and achieve physical and spiritual transformation.
They help clients to achieve a healthy and fast way to lose weight through HCG diet through their result oriented professionals.

Buying HCG product from Colin f Watson store


I am ordering things online from sometimes now. I got some good service and bad both. Many people trapped in fraud and they don’t trust in it. But that didn’t stop me. I have seen advertisement of Colin f Watson. That caught my eyes. I was looking for proper guidance, diet and exercise. That’s where I found it perfect. I have chosen their program of 2 months to see the result first. They have provided me the exercise program and diet chart to follow. Also given me the HCG injections to take it on time. From HCG injections I can get the fast result. And after two months I can see the result clearly. It worked on my body totally and I have lost great amount of weight.

They provide the great service. If I have any query they alway be available on call. They have provided me the best plans. They gave the proper guidance and provided the lesson when it is needed. If I find any exercise difficult they provide me the online lesson which is perfect for anyone. I would recommend it to every possible person who wanted to loss wait and see best of the result