HCG Complex Review (Updated: 2022) – To Buy Or Not To Buy?

HCG Complex: an updated 2019 review. We want to provide you with the most up-to-date information on this HCG supplier. At the end of this article you will also find HCG Complex reviews. These HCG Complex testimonials will give you a good idea of the company’s reputation.

Founded in 2010, HCG Complex is a well-known health supplement company known as BioSource Labs LLC. This American company is popular amongst dieters interested in trying the HCG complex diet. The diet is actually pretty simple. All you need are the HCG complex drops and you’re more or less sorted.


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How To Use HCG Complex Drops?

HCG Complex gives you all the tools to ensure you see hcg weight loss success. As you may already know, the HCG Complex  comprises of two main steps:

  1. Take the drops.
  2. Stick to the 500-calorie diet / 800 calorie diet.

You can’t skip either step. You need to take the drops in order to maintain your restricted daily calorie intake. The HCG Complex products help curb hunger pangs, meaning you will be able to eat 500 calories every day without feeling hungry. That’s one of the reasons so few people stick to diets. They despise those persistent hunger pangs that seem to occur several times a day. As long as you follow these two steps, you are sure to have amazing success on this diet without noticing the reduced calorie consumption.Does HCG Complex Help You Lose Weight?

Hundreds of thousands of men and women have already achieved astounding HCG Complex weight loss results.  In fact, we’ve heard that some users have lost 1lb per day on this diet. You can too.

Once you order from the HCG Complex online store, you will receive the full diet system which includes the drops, diet guidelines, and membership access to useful diet tools. With this company’s help and support, you won’t have to struggle at all through this process. Instead, they will guide you through the process and answer any questions you have.

Is HCG Complex Legit?

The HCG Complex fat loss drops are at the core of what this diet is all about. They are what makes this program work. The biosource HCG complex items are 100% natural and work with 500, 800, and 1200 calorie limits. You will also receive step by step instructions when you order the drops so you can be sure you take them right.

Just so you know, you can order HCG injections too. In terms of their effectiveness, there’s not really a huge difference. It depends greatly on your own personal preference. If you dislike needles, maybe the drops are a better choice for you. Plus, the drops are slightly cheaper than the injections, so for anyone sticking to a strict budget, the HCG complex  might be the preferred option.

Another benefit to the drops is that they’re totally safe. There have been reports that claim there could be health risks to surviving on such a low calorie diet, but thanks to the maintenance phases that shouldn’t be a problem. Of course if you were lacking the maintenance phases, it wouldn’t be so healthy. But with the help of HCG Complex, you can carry out this hcg diet healthily and easily.

Here are just a few of the HCG Complex benefits:

  • – Guaranteed weight loss results
  • – Possibility of losing 1lb every day
  • – Easy and convenient
  • – 30-day money back guarantee
  • – No hardcore exercise required
  • – Affordable!

HCG Complex Before & After

HCG Complex Before and After
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HCG Complex Dosage

  • The HCG drops should be taken three times a day, orally.
  • Administer 30 minutes before your meal
  • Position the bottle in a partly upright position and place 10 drops on your tongue.

If you need help or further HCG Complex information, they can give it to you. In fact, they’ll probably give you more accurate advice once you order your drops from them. Then you will know the best way to take them for your specific needs and goals. Read more about HCG for Men here.

Fortunately, this company’s 100% natural liquid formula is derived from the original human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG). That means you’ll be getting the highest quality product and you are also guaranteed a legitimate product too.

HCG Complex Side Effects

Is HCG Complex safe? Every supplement and dietary program has its side effects. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping the possibility of potential side effects. On the plus side, not everyone will experience them. If you do, these are some of the possible side effects of HCG Complex:

  • – Headache
  • – Dizziness
  • – Constipation
  • – Rash
  • – Leg cramps

HCG Complex ingredients

Wondering what’s in the HCG Complex biosource labs drops? According to the company, the product contains over 25 ingredients. The special HCG Complex formula works to curb your hunger and shed fat fast by stimulating your body’s production of hormones. Here are the important ingredients in the product:

  1. Ginseng
  2. L-Lysine
  3. L-Carnitine
  4. L-Arginine
  5. Glutamic acid

Order From HCG Complex

HCG Complex is developed by Biosource Labs, LLC and the company we recommend for purchasing the drops. All of this company’s products are produced and manufactured in compliance with FDA rules and regulations. If you are serious about losing weight, this is a recommended option. Thousands of people are using this method and seeing visible results. This company sells the 100% natural drops for the best prices around and the quality is unmatched.

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Biosource hcg complex reviews

A few users have left HCG Complex reviews. Let’s take a look at what people think about it.

Customer service is incredible

5 5 1
I have been taking the HCG Complex drops for precisely 8 days. Today, I stepped on the scales and saw that I have shed 6lbs. I follow the HCG Complex diet to a tee and make sure I complete the two load days. The most surprising thing about this diet is how I’m never hungry even though I’m only taking in 500 calories per day. The support I receive regularly from the company is wonderful. I only have to send them an email asking a question about the drops or the diet and I get a reply within 10 minutes. Yep, the customer service is incredible. When you buy the drops you’re not just buying HCG complex drops, you are buying amazing customer support too. Once I’ve completed my 4 week plan, I’ll be back to leave another review. For now, I can only recommend this company and this diet with the drops.

I’m definitely seeing results

5 5 1
Been using these drops for a while now and I’m definitely seeing results. Admittedly, I’ve not been as dedicated as some of the users. I have gone over the calorie limit and forgot to take the drops at times. Even so, I still see a difference. Most of my belly fat has gone. The only thing I don’t like about them is the headaches I’ve experienced on a couple of occasions using them. Other than that, I have only high praise for HCG complex diet drops. I’m in no rush to find another weight loss program. This one is doing its job just fine. Plus, the drops they sell are really cheap!

Great value for money too!

5 5 1
I started seeing results in just one week using HCG Complex drops. I lost 15lbs in three weeks using the Biosource drops. It has been a really rewarding journey with this company and I’ve received endless support. Great value for money too! Well recommended!

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