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You’ve probably heard all sorts of things about the HCG weight loss diet. One thing you’ve probably heard over and over again is how fast you can lose weight on the program. Believe it or not, the success stories you’ve heard are not just sensational stories built to get you to buy. They are for real. If you’ve seen those internet ads that say “lose a pound a day with this method,” you’ll usually find the hcg weight loss program when you click on them.

Even though the diet sounds remarkable and maybe even too good to be true, there is hard work involved. You have to put in the effort and follow the strict guidelines if you really want to lose 1 pound a day. If you abide by the regimen, you will definitely be rewarded for it. And there are numerous hcg for weight loss success stories to prove it.

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What is the hcg weight loss program?

The program comprises of two basic instructions: You take a natural hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin – which occurs in the placenta of pregnant women – every day for up to 6 weeks and combine it with a 500 calorie diet / 800 calorie diet or 1200 Calorie Diet.Does HCG Weight Loss Help You Lose Weight?

It’s actually a simple diet to follow that doesn’t require too much research or deep understanding. The deal breaker for some people is the 500 calorie restriction. You would think that wouldn’t be possible, right? How can anyone survive on 500 calories each day when in a typical day, the average person consumes around 2,000 calories? Well, that’s where the hormone comes in. You couldn’t possibly reduce your calorie intake that significantly without the special hormone that suppresses your appetite.

HCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy. Its purpose is to help the baby grow. Over the years, the hormone has been used to treat a number of medical issues like infertility. Now it’s become one of the most popular methods for weight loss. By using HCG drops, injections, or pills, your hunger pangs will disappear and sticking to a 500 calorie daily intake will be totally possible.

When Was The Diet Created?

The hcg for weight loss diet was established by Dr. A.T.W Simeons, a British physician, in the 1950s. At the time, he was working at a hospital in Rome and he discovered, purely by accident, that patients treated with the hormone would lose their appetite and ultimately shed fat. Intrigued by his findings, he started treating obese patients with the hcg weight loss mechanism. Through years of trial and error, he eventually came up with the hcg for weight loss protocol: a low-calorie diet and three weeks of injections. Today, it is becoming one of the most popular diets around.

HCG weight loss program results

The hcg weight loss journey will take some commitment. But if you are serious about burning fat and getting into a pair of size 6 jeans, the results will be worth it. Like any diet, it’s different from your normal routine so in the beginning, you may find it takes some getting used to. But the hcg weight loss long term results will show you that this diet is worth the commitment.

HCG for weight loss studies show you can lose 1 to 2 pounds a day. If you follow the diet rigidly, the least you will burn in a day is ½ a pound. Of course, the amount of weight you can lose on this diet depends largely on the individual and on just how closely you are following the program. For example, someone who consumes their daily limit of 500 calories from the approved food list is more likely to lose 2 pounds per day than someone who consumes 1,000 calories of non approved foods (even if they are taking the supplement).

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HCG Weight Loss Before And After

HCG Weight Loss Before and After
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HCG Weight Loss Phases

There are four phases to the hcg weight loss plan. Each phase comprises of its own set of simple guidelines that you should follow to reap the best results.

HCG Weight Loss Phase 1

Known as the loading phase, P1 is about eating as many fatty, high calorie foods as you can in order to store enough body fat to get you through the next phase. Before you start phase 2, you need to consume a high calorie diet so that the hcg weight loss hormone mobilized the fat stored up.

HCG Weight Loss Phase 2

This is the main phase of the hcg for weight loss diet. And it’s where the 500 calorie diet begins. Often called the dieting phase, this part of the diet lasts from 26 days to 40 days. You should also be taking your supplement as instructed (we’ll be talking more about that later on in the article). During this phase, you should be eating from the approved hcg weight loss food list and sticking to the 500 calorie daily intake.

HCG Weight Loss Phase 3

After the most challenging phase, you’ll be happy to enter this phase often known as the transition phase. This one lasts 3 weeks and involves partial introduction of foods not allowed in phase 2.

HCG Weight Loss Phase 4

And the phase you will be happiest to reach is this one. P4 is the maintenance phase, which means you can now start increasing your calorie intake up to 1500 per day. You will also stop taking your drops or injections at this stage.

Once you have completed the four HCG weight loss stages, you need to give yourself a rest from the diet for 5-6 weeks (3 weeks maintenance and 3 weeks of rest). Then you can begin a new regimen.

HCG Weight Loss Food Guide

Now we’re going to show you the specific food list which shows you which foods you can eat during the weight loss program. Make sure you keep a note of this so you can you buy the right stuff in when you go grocery shopping. If you find you are not seeing success with this diet, you should take a look at your diet. Are you following the exact guidelines? You consuming too many calories? Are you taking your drops right? In addition to taking the drops right, the next important factor is food. Here are the foods you can choose from during your hcg weight loss cycle.

Beverages: Tea, coffee (1 tbsp of milk is allowed per day).

Proteins: chicken breast, shrimp, crab, lobster, lean beef, white fish

Vegetables: cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, chard, celery, cabbage, asparagus, onions, red radishes, green salad, beet-greens

Fruits: grapefruit, apples, oranges, strawberries

Recommended food portions:

  • – 5 ounces of protein
  • – 5 ounces of vegetables
  • – 2 portions of fruit

Note: sweeteners should be avoided on the diet. However, they are allowed in moderation. Stevia and Saccharin are the recommended sweeteners for those who feel they need it during the program.

You can get as experimental as you like with the recipes. We know you’ve not got a lot of foods to play with, but you would be surprised at how many tasty dishes you can whip up from the approved food list above. And there are exceptions. Vegetarians, for instance, rely on eggs as a protein source. Vegans rely on tofu and other sources while on the program.

HCG Weight Loss For Men

Because the hormone is female, many men wonder if it is strictly a diet program for women. The answer is no. Both men and women can benefit from the diet and lose weight just as easily using the hcg weight loss formula. We can understand why some men may be hesitant about using the hormone but there really is no need to be concerned. Studies show the medication works just as effectively on men than it does on women. However, there are some slight differences between the results for men and hcg for weight loss women.

Because there is a higher fat percentage in a female’s body, men will lose weight on a faster pace than women. The supplement will also benefit obese males who have their hormones messed up. For instance, if their testosterone level is too low and their estrogen level too high, the hcg weight loss medication will fix the imbalance and get men back to a normal, healthy weight.

In fact, many men use this medication as a therapy for low testosterone and as a fertility treatment. Not only does it help you lose weight, it can also improve your libido, your sexual desire and increase your sperm count.

If you are interested in hearing more about men using hcg for weight loss, you can read testimonials at the end of this article from male users of the drug. Read more about HCG for Men here or HCG Injections.

Hcg weight loss injections vs drops

Which is best: the injections or the drops? That’s a question many people ask when they start the diet. And the answer is simple: it’s down to your personal preference. Studies show both are equally effective in providing desired results, but it depends on which kind of method you like better. If you hate needles, then drops are going to be the clear choice. Let’s take a look at them both and you can decide for yourself which one sounds better for you.

HCG weight loss drops


  • – Painless
  • – Absorbs easy
  • – Easy to store


  • – You are advised not to eat or drink anything 30 minutes before and after taking them.
  • – You need to take them 3 times per day

HCG weight loss drops instructions:

Drops should be taken under the tongue and kept in the mouth for at least 2 minutes before swallowing. During phase 2, it is recommended that you take 4 drops 3x each day (morning, afternoon and evening). Remember not to eat or drink anything 30 minutes before and after taking the drops, as this can reduce their effectiveness.

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HCG weight loss injections


  • – Quick application
  • – You only need to take it once per day


  • – Must be stored in the fridge
  • – Possibility of pain if incorrectly administered

Dosage of hcg for weight loss:

If you are completing the 43 days protocol, you will need two vials of 5000 IU. For the 23 days protocol, you will only need one vial of 5000 IU. According to the Dr Simeons hcg diet weight loss protocol, a minimum daily dose should be 125 IU and the maximum should be 200 IU.

Here’s a hcg weight loss injection dosage chart for you to use:

  • – 125 IU = 12.5 units on a syringe
  • – 175 IU = 17.5 units on a syringe
  • – 200 IU = 20 units on a syringe

How to mix the dosage:

You will need: HCG vial, mixing syringe, bacteriostatic water and alcohol wipes

  1. Use the alcohol wipes to wipe the vial clean.
  2. Insert the mixing syringe needle into the bacteriostatic water to withdraw the solution.
  3. Add the bac solution into the vial.
  4. Swirl the vial gently to mix.
  5. Leave it to sit for 10 minutes.

HCG weight loss program side effects

Unfortunately, the program does come with several possible side effects. However, they are pretty minor. Still, if you find yourself experiencing any of the following hcg weight loss side effects, you can choose to end the program if it affects you negatively:

  • – Headache
  • – Fatigue
  • – Irritability
  • – Depression
  • – Swelling in the feet, hands, or legs

These are the same for hcg weight loss drops side effects. However, for the hcg weight loss injections side effects, there is one additional: pain in the area of administration. Of course this is not for everyone, but some people do experience these side effects.

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Finding a good supplier for hcg weight loss products is vital. There are many companies online selling fake illegitimate products that do not work and pose a risk to your health. As long as you find a decent company, you will get premium quality product in return. If you are looking to buy hcg weight loss injections online or hcg weight loss drops for sale, we have found the two best suppliers in the United States. These suppliers guarantee quality at all times, but each company specializes in a different form of the hormone.

Losing weight has never been easier. So if you want to burn a pound a day, all you need is your diet plan and the hcg for weight loss hormone, available in injections or drops. Our partners will support you along your journey and answer any questions you have. Trust us, it will be the most enjoyable weight loss adventure you’ve ever experienced!

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HCG weight loss program reviews

There are numerous hcg weight loss testimonials out there from people who have tried the diet before or are maybe still doing it today. It’s also useful to read reviews because it gives you the bigger picture on a product or a program. Here are some hcg for weight loss reviews to check out.


These drops are incredible!

These drops are incredible! Follow the program and take your drops and you will see results for sure. In a 40 day cycle, I lost 38 pounds. The weight loss I’ve experienced wouldn’t have been possible without the drops. This works!!!


I am forever thankful to the diet

I lost 14 pounds in the 26 days programme. Since then, I’ve done an additional few cycles of the diet with the injections and I always saw results. After a year of stopping the diet because I’d achieved my weight loss goals, I gained back 6 pounds but that was because I was literally eating and drinking whatever I liked. If I gained a few more pounds, I would start the program again.

I am forever thankful to the diet.

As for my experience, I was also thrilled with the places the weight came off on my body. I lost 2cm off my thighs and belly. If you saw the hcg weight loss results at 4 weeks, you would share my enthusiasm. I know it’s not for everyone. Some people don’t like the extremity of it. But for me, it helped me shed pounds and ultimately saved my confidence. I am forever thankful to the diet.


I lost over 30 pounds

Have done several rounds of the hcg diet and I lost over 30 pounds. Let me just say that this is a diet for dedicated people. If you’re not that serious about sticking to the guidelines and phases, this probably isn’t the best program for you. You need to take the injections and do the 500 calorie diet in order to see results. I’ve always been committed so I simply can’t get enough of this amazing diet program!


I felt fine on the diet

Having been pregnant three times, I’ve always struggled with my problematic areas. Even after months of juicing, the weight took a while to shift. But with this diet, the weight dropped off almost immediately. I even took hcg weight loss results before and after and the results are pretty incredible.

When I told my friends about this diet, they just thought it was all marketing and no real action. But when they saw the photos for themselves, they realized it wasn’t just good marketing. I can’t say how healthy this diet is. I know the food plan as a whole is healthy because you eat your vegetables, fruits and protein. But I know it works if you want to lose weight.

My favorite thing about the diet is how fast it works. By the first week of doing the program, I noticed my stomach was flatter. The only side effect I experienced was fatigue from time to time. Other than that, I felt fine on the diet. I would definitely recommend it to others.


You can lose a pound a day

The product started off slow for me. I took the drops like I was advised but it took 6 days before I saw results. I also noticed my weight was a little up and down.

This was really confusing after I’d read that 1). You can lose a pound a day on this diet and 2). The weight loss lasts.

Nobody said my weight would fluctuate. Fortunately, the fluctuating went away by the next week and I’d lost a lot of weight by that point. I guess I wasn’t following the diet as rigidly as I should have been.


More energetic and empowered

Very impressive results with the injections. I followed the four phases and by the end of the 23 days, I had lost about 13lbs. I was so pleased with the results. It was the first time in a long time that I enjoyed looking at my reflection in the mirror. Usually I just complain about my fat thighs and double chin. For a change, I couldn’t find anything to complain about.

My legs had thinned out a lot and my double chin was virtually non-existent. For the first time in several years, I could fit back into clothes I wore as a 20-year-old. For me, it was amazing how much better I felt in day to day life after losing all those pounds.  I felt more energetic and empowered and sexier. It was a really awesome feeling. Would recommend this hcg for weight loss diet program to everyone wanting to burn fat fast and feel proud of their bodies.


hCG for weight loss

When you buy injectable hcg for weight loss, make sure you buy from a reputable company. The first supplies I bought came from an illegitimate company and I had some terrible side effects to it. I didn’t realize it until I started coming out in rashes and feeling sick. Since then I’ve found a really reliable and respectable company that I love.

I order from them all the time now.

I just want to make a point about the importance of purchasing from a good company. The drug itself is really effective, as long as you get it from a professional supplier.

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