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We are all part of a competitive world. We want bigger cars, bigger houses and what not. We are not lagging in the fitness game too. We all keep ourselves aware and always try to up our game. If by any chance we gain a few extra pounds, we turn in to beasts trying to get our life back on track. We all know where to go when we need to work out, obviously the gym, but we forget to consider the most important aspect of weight loss journey which is diet. Diet plays a very important role in our journey to fitness. 80% of our progress depends on what we eat and 20% on workouts. Yes, it is that important. We cannot ignore any aspect, diet or exercise if we are serious about losing weight.

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If you have just started your weight loss journey, you might have been researching the hell out of it and have come across so many things. I know its overwhelming and frustrating as so many sources available and not knowing what to start and how to start gets on our nerves. This article might give a head start. Today we are going to talk about one of the tested and effective methods known to show amazing results, “No Carb. Diet”. As you read on you will know more about it. While there are so many diets on the market, this diet form is very misunderstood but provides the maximum long-lasting results. We are going to discuss everything step by step.

What are carbs?

Carbs. or carbohydrates, are sugars, starches, and fibers found in certain fruits, vegetables, milk products and grains. These are the main source of energy for the body. The human body needs certain energy sources to survive but when it exceeds the limit needed for survival it leads to weight gain.

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What is a no-carb diet?

As the name indicates, this diet cuts out the carbs from the daily intake. It should be noted that it cuts out “bad carbs”. Bad carbs are processed food, sugary food, vegetables that are carbohydrate-rich like potato or are low in fiber etc., it emphasizes more on fat and proteins in the diet

When we hear the words like cutting something out of our diet, the first instinct we have is to look for ways to not do that. But take a seat, relax and read on carefully. You will find all the answers here. Our brain very clever. It makes us dependent on sodas, sugars, and starch, as It derives its energy from them. But it needs to be disciplined and trained.

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The brain, in short, has a toxic relationship with carbohydrates, it knows it’s bad for it but keeps holding on to the illusion that it needs it. That was a good explanation, am I right? Carbohydrates also increase cravings. Whenever we consume carbs, our body uses it up to gain energy which leaves us wanting more. You see my point now?


Let me now give a picture of what happens when you start a no carb diet. In this article, I will not ask you to blindly believe me or trust my words. I will give you explanations that will be backed up by scientific facts. There will be no heresy. So, let start, carbohydrates give your brain the energy to function. What a no carb diet will do is it will eliminate that source and limit it.

Consuming fewer carbohydrates will send your body into a state called Ketosis. Without enough carbs as its energy source, the body produces ketones that breaks fat molecules for energy. That is what leads to weight loss as your body burns the fat to get the energy it needs to survive. Ketones are produced in the liver from fat which the body consumes as fuel. Not only no-carb diet restricts the cabs but also gives you a way to burn up the extra padding you have accumulated over the years.

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In the beginning, when the body is adapting to this process, you might undergo what we call as keto fever. It’s just a process of burning ketones instead of glucose. There is nothing to panic, as it is only body’s way of adapting. In the long run, you will thank yourself that you decided to take up no carb diet. I know what you must be thinking, it sounds difficult.

Well, it is scarier when you have not tried it, but it gives results. You might have read this somewhere, no pain no gain, well that is true. You cannot expect to sit and sip cosmos and expect the weight to just magically go away. It is very important to make efforts and that too in the right way. If you eat right, work out in the right way, weight loss would be the positive side effect.

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Deconstructing the No-Carb Diet:

Now there are various things being said about no carb diets which are not true. People assume it is unhealthy because there is not enough information available to them. Do not keep the sheep mentality when it comes to your fitness and research, try and see for yourself. We will discuss the positive effects it has on the body and deconstructs the misconceptions that are in our minds related to no carb diets. Let’s begin!

  • It helps in losing the water weight. Initially, the body is getting used to the no-carb routine and the stored glucose starts depleting which leads to loss of the water weight. We see a considerable weight loss depending upon our body type and the initial weight of course. It makes the bloating go away. It is called diuretic effect, you will shed the extra, unwanted water weight. Now there are misconceptions that water eight is most of the weight you lose and then the results stop. False. You continue to lose weight after initial water weight loss but this time it will come from the fat molecules.
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  • You will feel less hungry. Carbs are required to gain energy from your body and they get burned fast leaving you hungry and craving for more. When we consume fewer carbs, the body derives its energy from ketones that might be unsettling at first in the longer runs cuts cravings which in turn puts a stop to binge eating. You will stop craving pasta and pizzas and adapt and more healthy diet. You might have been trying to curb the cravings for a long time but didn’t know of a proper way to do it. No-cab diet is that way.
  • We need quick results, while it is not overnight but you lose great amount in a time span of few months. People have lost substantial amounts by following the no carb diet.
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  • You might be a little moody on this journey. You feel something we can term as “hangry”, anger caused due to hunger. Our brain is like that ex, trying to manipulate you to eat carbs even if its something you swore off. If this is what you are undergoing, congratulations, you are on the right path. Once you get past this point of the no carb diet it is easy afterward. The body gets used to the process and you notice changes and results. That is a win-win situation. When you see that weight shedding you won’t have to worry about anything. It would be the greatest motivation to stick to it.

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  • It is believed that the process that the body goes into when it adapts to a low carb diet called Ketosis, is harmful. If you have basic knowledge of biochemistry than you know its all baseless. What people do is confuse ketosis with ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis is something that happens in uncontrolled diabetes, the ketones and glucose become more in the bloodstream. This is not what happens in ketosis, ketosis produces ketones to break the fat molecules to provide energy, it does not cause any harm. It is a good thing.
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  • Another misconception related to no carb diet is that it is not fruitful in the longer run. False. Many studies have proven that diet with low carb content and more fat content are not harmful and people following the have lead healthy lives while never regaining the weight back. On the other hand, diets with less fat content do not have long-term results. We have already discussed the process of no carb diet and these diets always talk in favor of healthy fats that are useful in the journey to lose the extra weight. Let me explain, healthy fats help you feel full, cutting the number of calories you eat in a day, are good for your overall health and increase metabolism.

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  • No carb diets sometimes are considered to cause deficiencies in the longer run. There is no truth behind it. Certain food products we consume can reduce nutrient absorption. For example, grains have something called as phytic acid which hinders the absorption of iron, zinc, and calcium. Wheat can cause a reduction in vitamin D in the bloodstream. No carb diets reduce the intake of grains and advice avoiding wheat therefore never let the body be deficient in nutrients that are essential for the body. To say that these diets because deficiencies would be illogical. Most of the assumptions are made just because we are ill-informed.
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  • No carb diets receive a bad name as it is assumed again that they are not supplying the energy or glucose needed by the brain to function. False. Some neurons in the brain are entrusted with the burning of glucose but when we are on a no carb diet the glucose requirement goes down once the ketosis kicks in and hence the brain can do just fine with ketones that the body produces. Also, the fats and proteins that are consumed in no cab diet undergo a process called as gluconeogenesis and produce the essential amount of glucose that is needed.
  • No carb diets are also presumed to raise the risk of heart diseases which again is a result of less information on our part. Let’s see the facts, no carb diet reduces blood sugar, blood pressure, bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol that in short means that it maintains all the vitals needed for a well-functioning heart. Still, people choose to believe misconceptions and avoid reason and facts.
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The points discussed above give us an idea of how misinformation can lead us to reach assumptions that are not even true. When you are embarking on the journey of weight loss, it is obvious to question and demand facts. But do not believe the sheep mentality, research for yourself and know the science behind it before reaching a conclusion. Only because of the misconceptions we shy away from following a perfectly healthy and essential part of weight loss. The first step towards a goal is the most difficult one, it is essential that we do it in the right way. Once you know the correct path, the journey gets simpler.

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In the above article, I have tried to answer the questions and deconstruct the misconceptions to get you started. I hope it makes your decisions much simpler as the dietary aspect of our weight loss journey is as important as any other aspect. We need to stop blindly following our brain and give it the discipline it needs. No one is going to get younger and with age, we need to set a certain routine for ourselves and follow it wholeheartedly. After hitting the milestone of 25 years of age we need to take our health and what goes inside us very seriously. No-carb diets are completely safe, and you can without a doubt follow it.

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We are blessed with technology and have so many sources. No carb diets do not have to be boring. There are so many recipes available on the web and various verities available in the market to keep us on track. Happy dieting!