Healthy Weight Loss Solutions

We  have always discussion on weight loss . I am  getting confused about it that Why did people are not taking prevention for weight. If we know better that prevention is better than cure .

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So I think people must have to keep prevention before increasing weight .

We have to attend following points to work on healthy weight loss.

   In Ayurveda there is a saying that any problem of body starts due to our 3 causes in our body which are following

  If  we will work on these 3 factors we didn’t have any problem for our health.

Ayurveda  tells that if ‘’VATTA’’is entered  in our body automatically our body weight gets increasing .May be you are working on diet & exercise but it automatically getting increasing .As I saw  so many people have less diet & working more time physically they also fat& having more weight .But still they are working properly .

When this ‘’VATTA’’ enters in our body it creates a lot of problems in our body .Sometimes it gives heavy feeling to our body. Sometimes we can’t move easily. It can creates a lot of crumbles in our body or in veins & they can blocks our veins & arteries & causes body pressure, OR  B P, In balance in hormones etc & creates in balance in sugar, thyroid & so many hormones .


Our old people always telling us that get up early in the morning. The person who is getting late or getting up after Sunrise will definitely catching above 3 ‘disorders . If we will get up early in the morning our 75 % of health will solve automatically or naturally.

You know that in our body there is an arrangement of recurring automatically .If you want to heal it we must have to work on it.

Avoid to eat more fatty or carbohydrate/starchy  food  as like potatoes, rice, Brinjal, peanuts, Some beans, some types of meat , eggs,  etc it can create a lot of pain in our veins & it increases ‘’VATTA’’ in our body .

This is the main cause of  increasing weight. Still if you want to eat it you must have to increase your digestion power or exercise capacity. But if you will eat these foods regularly without working means sitting as it is or doing sitting work then it will increase your cholesterol along with fats & your weight automatically gets increasing.

PITTA  :  Means increase proportion of acidity in our body. So many people are suffering from it not only adults but students also. It can increase your health problems that headache, digestion, omitting, losing appetite, making hormonal in balance, so causing again so many physical as well as mental disorder that is thyroid, sugar etc. It can effects on metabolism of so many activities. If it will increase it is danger to us if it will not create then also it is dangerous to us .As it is working in digestion so it must have to produce in our body.

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Cough :  We are generally listening this word as cold & cough .But this word is not related with cough & cold here . Cough also producing in our body naturally. If we have in balanced diet that is more acidic, having more fatty acid, or if we will drink more tea or coffee, cold drinks, soda water, beer etc it increases automatically in our body .We can’t talk also clearly .


Instead of Saliva it creates dark saliva in our mouth & it increases so many problems of heart along with liver, chest, blood etc. So it can block our nervous as well as arteries it also dangerous to our body. These process comes in metabolic activity of our body.  It can affect on our chemical process of digestion. We feel nervous .


I  think different people have different body. Different body have different hereditary system, different habits, different favorites. How did one Doctor is giving you solution to lose your weight will give good effect to the another person? I think one person’s body works better by eating leafy vegetables or any food habits same these habits will how works to the other persons? Some people need more time to lose it.

Nowadays so many health dietitians are giving plans for the diets to lose weight

  • But I want to ask everyone that how did it will work to all people at the same time .Everyone’s eating habits are different, digestion capacity is different , working capacity is different, stamina is different everything is different .Even if there are same twin brothers are sisters also have all plans are different if they may be living in one home under the one roof then now tell me how did your plans will work for everyone.
  • I know weight loss  is the necessity risk for today’s period but it is not working at the same time with the same plan for everyone.

If you want to lose your weight work your selves. Observe yourselves that what I have to eat to lose my weight without disturbing my health ? How much I have to work on exercise? As everyone’s capacity of doing exercise is also  different. Means if one person is running everyday 6 Km so not another person will run that much distance to lose his weight. His capacity is different . Same thing will work for diet also.


  • So to lose weight Observe first yourself which plan works better for me? Can I have to eat this much diet to lose weight? is it will harm to my body? Can I work better with this diet? Otherwise I need more diet as sometimes I have to work more & I have taken it less it causes so many problems in our body & life.



At last I want to suggest everyone study better your body, eating habits, exercise capacity, digestion capacity, immunity system, work capacity & then decide to make your plan to lose your weight otherwise it will very harm to you to lose your weight. AS  I AM THE MAIN DOCTOR /DIETITIAN OF MY BODY & MIND.