Healthy Weight Loss

Obesity is the epidemic of the 21st century. Nearly one-third of the world’s population is carrying more weight then they ideally should. In times like these, there is a natural inclination to exercise money and time in unhealthy weight loss practices. However, these practices can only change the numbers on weighing scale, not unhealthy habits. It is critical that we give healthy weight loss practices its due reverence.

Before we get into “how” we should ask “what”, what exactly is weight loss? Fundamentally weight loss is the reduction of body mass which results due to loss of fluids, lean mass, fat or connective tissue. There are two kinds of weight loss: intentional weight loss and unintentional weight loss. Main reasons for unintentional weight loss are malnutrition or an underlying illness whereas an intentional weight is a result of conscious exercise effort to loss or healthy weight loss.

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Effort-Results Miracle

It cannot be any simpler if we make effort we get results; effort and result are two sides of the same coin. Motivation and consistency are godsend emotions. Channeling these emotions in the right direction can make a miracle happen. Below mentioned are some of the approaches to gain a healthy weight loss:

Exercise: We exercise our right to vote so that we have a better tomorrow, then why not exercise our body as well. The goal of both the activities is more or less the same. Physical activity induces a positive attitude and helps build confidence. Moreover, exercise can help rejuvenate one’s posture. Based on the approach we have three classifications for healthy weight loss exercises: Aerobic, Anaerobic and Flexibility exercises.
  • Aerobic exercises include running, cycling, skipping, brisk walking, swimming, rowing or long slow distance walking etc.
  • Anaerobic exercises include functional training, weight training, sprinting or high-intensity interval training etc. Consistency is the key to achieve results with anaerobic exercise.
  • Flexibility exercises help free up the muscle. The primary goal of this exercise is to better the range of motion and foreshorten the chance of inquiry.
Dieting: There is no harm in keeping calories in check. However, dieting when amalgamated with other healthy weight loss exercise pays out more! Diet plans like low carbohydrate, low fat, low calorie, Detox etc help a variety of people. It is always good to get advise from a qualified diet consultant on different diet plans. As these diet plans may vary from person to person. Increasing water intake can be an added advantage in a diet as it helps. Incorporating fasting into the lifestyle; maybe once a month or so can help; As fasting is a natural Detox for the body and helps not only in healthy weight loss but also to balance the natural rhythm of the body.

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Tracking progress thought apps: Fitness apps seem to come around as a less effective approach for a healthy weight loss plan, however, it could work miracles in achieving healthy weight loss. Health and fitness apps like Noom, My Fitness Pal, Fat secret, corn-o-meter etc can maintain and monitor the calorie intake at a preferential level. The goal of Fitness apps is to monitor and motivate a person. Calorie per food, exercise minutes, water intake, height and weight, sugar levels are some of the parameters which a user can store. These apps act as a guardian and always remind you to stay on your heels.



Healthy weight loss can be achieved through an all-around plan which includes appropriate exercise routine, healthy eating habits, and a regular fitness monitor apps, which not only helps to update the plan if required but also motivates to do more.

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