How Eating Less Calories Helps You Lose Weight

A Flashback : I remember my Mother in law saying one day in the car “When a person is less than twenty five years and active, a stone eaten can be digested.” Basically, what she was trying to communicate to her own daughter was that when children are young and healthy they can eat almost anything and digestion is easier, so please feed them well.

These words have kind of remained in the back of my mind. What we eat in our teens and twenties cannot be eaten as we grow older. Our body cells grow till the age of twenty five and then it starts to decline. If we continue to eat in the same manner as we grow older, we will unnecessarily pile on the pounds. My story will hopefully inspire you and help you lose weight really fast.

My Personal Weight Loss Story

During our growing years most of us are active with school or college and enjoy participating in various pursuits and we use a lot of energy. We need to have a diet rich in carbohydrates(carbs), proteins, vitamins, fruits and vegetables. At that age the tilt would be more towards proteins and carbohydrates and also a lot of junk and processed food like Pizza, burgers & ice creams etc. If at that juncture of life a lot of gym and games are part of our life, then everything will get digested. However, if life is sedentary then one had better watch out as overindulgence can make a person obese. So the maxim “watch what you eat becomes important”. Do not consider your stomach a dustbin and thrown in everything in sight lest it swells like a garbage bag.

So if you tend to overindulge or are slowly inching over the mid-twenties age group then it is better to start a diet chart of what you eat. You have to follow the eating less calorie food to keep the weight in check. Along with this diet it is also important to do some kind of exercises daily, even a twenty minute walk will suffice.

Easy Rituals:

Early Morning ritual : Prior to having the morning cuppa , it is great to have a glass of warm water with a little bit of lime and maybe add honey to taste. This cleanses the liver and kick starts the body functioning, gives Vitamin C and helps in weight loss.

Breakfast :

It is absolutely important to add a fairly decent breakfast to your life. Never skip breakfast. Whenever I leave my house, be it at 6 am or 8 am I always have a good breakfast and my breakfast will always have:
1. Carbohydrates : 60-70%
2. Proteins : 30 – 40%
3. One fruit or fruit juice
If I have the time then a vegetable component will get added to the above.

A combination of Carbohydrate and Proteins enables one to break the fast and also give sufficient energy to face the challenges of the day. Calorie count will be on the higher side but that is needed for your work day. Eating a bar of chocolate or a piece of cake for breakfast is inappropriate as it will pile of calories. Cereal is good but I feel it is not an absolute complete meal and must be supplemented with proteins, fruits, carbs etc.

Lunch :

This too is an important meal as your day is just half over, but to keep calories in check at the outset reduce the carbs. Your lunch plate should first be filled with 2 helping of vegetables. Do note that your plate should be half full by now. Then look for proteins and specifically less fat or non fried ones. So this one fourth of the plate can be occupied by either meat of fish or lentils etc. The last one fourth of the place in your plate can be jostled between carbohydrate, yogurt and a little sweet/dessert /fruit. This combination for lunch will ensure that less calorie lunch is eaten and will aid in helping one to lose weight.

It is important that a light and wholesome lunch is consumed daily. It should not be skipped but small portions to be consumed. Don’t just have a sandwich and coffee and be done with. It is not a wholesome meal and hunger pangs will attack before tea time.

Those executives who are busy working and have corporate meetings and the same tend to get dragged on and then go for the luncheon spread. This is something to watch out especially if the same is a very often affair. Limit food intake to what I have mentioned

Tea Time:

In today’s busy world, we tend to ignore this important meal. The British always considered this important and light tea or the high tea were paramount to the British. Alice in wonderland immortalised the high tea with the queen. For me this is a crucial time as having a beverage and a small snack of sandwich or cookie keeps me going till dinner time. If I skip this tea time, I tend to be tired and listless by 7 p.m. when I reach back home. Then hunger drives me to pick up and eat in excess any junk that is readily available and that is extremely bad. So having a light calorie mild snack with tea is an absolute must if you are watching you weight.

Dinner :

This is one meal that you should have minimum Carbohydrate or no carb (if you can handle it). Having no carb for dinner is not something you can manage easily. You need to cultivate this habit over a period of a couple of years. It is like a weaning process. I still have some or little carbs once or twice a week and have not done away with carbs totally. For a low calorie dinner, have plenty of vegetables and some meat and end with a fruit or two. My dinner mostly consists of lots of vegetables mildly sautéed with grilled chicken or will have a broth/soup of chicken and vegetables. I normally finish and clear my dinner and kitchen is closed by 8 p.m. so that the evening is free for me to do what I want.

Dinner is filling as vegetables are consumed in plenty and it helps me see through the night without the gnawing hunger feeling. Of course , if I am going out for dinner then I do not have too much of restrictions. Yet, if one has shrunk one’s stomach, then it is difficult to eat too much food. Having dinner out too often is not good either as it adds calories. You consume food without even realising e.g. you may take 2 helpings of dessert just because it is there. Hence, consuming food at home is the best bet.

The Sugar Enemy

Now to look at one major calorie adder – Sugar. Every gram of sugar that is consumed adds calories . I believe that 1 gram of sugar contains 4 calories so whenever you consume chocolate or pastry just multiple the grams mentioned by four. You will know how many calories you have consumed. So watch out for the yummy sweets and desserts. They will just go and sit on your belly and over a period of time bring about life style diseases. I actually count(approximately)the number of spoons of sugar I would have consumed the whole day like morning tea 1 spoon, mid morning coffee 1 spoon and so on. That helps as one gets conscious about sugar consumption during the day.

Last but not the least, restrict consumption of alcohol as that is adding calories to your system and will not help you in weight loss at all.

Let us then summarise that in order to lose weight one has to watch the calories one consumes. Eating a diet of fewer calories and coupled with daily exercise routine of twenty minutes can help you lose weight.