How To Fix A Deficiency in B12 Vitamin in 14 Steps

Deficiency of B12 has so many reasons and so many causes.Of them some are due to mental disorder and some are physical disorder . Let´s take a look at a few reasons why you might have a vitamin b12 deficiency. Before we take a look, let us show you where you can buy shots to cure your deficiency.

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Causes of A Deficiency in B12

1] Due to efficiency in balanced diet .

It means so many people are not keeping  attention to their diet & they are avoiding to eat leafy vegetables, drinking milk, eating salad etc & it causes deficiency.

2] This problem occurs generally in kids & students of schools as well as college . As they are busy in playing games  or in studying  something , sometimes some kids have habit to eat outside food as like more biscuits, Curcure, some chocolates etc .If effects on appetite & taste of tongue  so they reduces their B-complex in the body as well they didn’t eat regular food at regular intervals of time & looking as a patient , pale , every time carrying anxiety, not attending in the study properly, behavior getting changed with diet.

3] They are so addicted to the outside food that they didn’t want to eat homemade food .This also creates deficiency of B12 in their diet & causes problems .

4] Some students & kids have habit to drink tea with elder one’s .Regular tea reduces our B-vitamin of our food & it feel very low to the person.

5]  Reducing B12 creates irritations i the mouth along with patches on the tongue it is known as fungal infection .

6] These patches reducing power of taste & creates loss of appetite. Increases heat energy in the body.Feeling with weakness. Brain function also not running properly.


8]  Hair loss, body pain, loss of appetite, losing immunity power, increasing anger,  also creates problem in relationships . Due to  losing control on mind.

9] Skin become harsh, rashes on skin occurs some times  black or brown patches appears on the face. Hair loss as well as some digestion problem also creates it.

10] In the small kids ”Rickets” OR BERIBERI  diseases enters & reduces their immunity system lower.

11] All thyroid patients loses a lot of vitamins due to tablets so keep attention on your diet.

12] Deficiency of B Vitamin causes Jaundice.

13] Avoid to split every time it also reduces our so many Vitamins 14] It creates irritations in the eyes if deficiency occurs.

Now we will see if it is a mental disorder

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If mental disorder comes in our life we didn’t want to eat at proper time or do not want to attend to the diet. Sometimes satisfaction also matters for the deficiency of vitamins .If we will not feel satisfy anywhere then whatever may be we eat nothing is useful as it doesn’t creates hormones [good] & creates mental disorder as like stress, anxiety, pressure, worries , feeling less , losing confidence etc

It automatically loses attention on eating today so many students have more tension of jobs by taking them good degrees . So anxiety is getting increasing & causing problems. That is deficiency in Vitamins means as like thyroid , hyperthyroidism  etc .   THIS PROBLEM GENERALLY OCCUR IN MENOPAUSE OF LADIES .

Menopause is the main turning point of every lady , in this period automatically some harmful hormones creates in the body & they creates stress, anxiety, worries in the ladies & due to it they are losing their appetite, it causes losing in vitamins.

In this period only they have more responsibilities so obviously they are losing their personal attention on the health .So to provide the  supplement of vitamins is the responsibility of every family members.

There are so many proteins, are Ayurveda medicines or so many multivitamin medicines available in the market .Please give it in the proper dose to the deficiency of patient.

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1] If possible eat red rice to eat everyday , as it contains B12 Vitamin more & reduces problem easily without taking medicine.

2] Give cooked water of Dal & rice to the kids to increase B12.

3] Eat leafy vegetables more in proportions along with fruits or fruits juices.

4] Eat  all types of sprouts as like Moong, Matki, Gram etc it also contains a lot of vitamins.

5] Eat any flour without sieving as it has crush this makes digestion easily.

6]  Drink milk, fruit juices or watered fruits as like watermelon, Muskmelon, coconut etc .

7] Eat eggs, meet, fishes contains vitamins in more proportions.

8] Keep Roti, Chapati, green subji, rice, pickles, Papad, salad compulsory in your diet.

9] Always eat milk related products as like buttermilk, cheese, ghee [if it is cow’s ghee]  then it is very better for everyone to keep health & mind better.

10] Keep in your pocket, baked channa, baked peanut, dates, cashew nuts, almonds etc .

11] Drink everyday cane sugar juice it keeps definitely balance in diet along with all vitamins. Reduces a lot of diseases.

12] Easy way to keep balance in B12 IS Eat Jowar Roti with milk or Ghee in the morning.

13] Keep your mind silent & peaceful so that what you are taking the food becomes the good blood for you along with supplement of all minerals & vitamins .

14] Engage in creative activities  like reading, writing so that you could keep your mental condition tight & it helps to keep your body strong.

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