How to Lose Weight In Some Simple Steps

Losing weight is not difficult. You don’t have to spend long hours of your time in gym. You don’t need to count every calories that you eat. The needless suffering likes eat less, run more, ignore the hunger, spend hours in Gym everyday. I will say No no no…

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In my opinion, if you want to lose weight just relax, sit back and enjoy the life. Try to eat saturated fats such as egg, butter, meat, full fat cream, coconut oil, cheese and so on. Please avoid rice and bread as much as you can. If you can’t live without rice and brad, its okay. you can have them one meal a day. In many cases, people have the egg for breakfast, either rice or bread for lunch and meat for dinner.

Try to use coconut oil or butter or olive oil, when cooking the meal. I had seen before people adding the butter and coconut oil in the morning coffee and tea. Wired is it? But I tried my coffee with coconut oil and the result is “Yummy!”. Those who likes to have salad for lunch, you are encouraged to have it instead of rice or bread. Another important thing is when you are eating, please do not eat until your stomach full. Try to eat 70% full and stop eating. Please eat real food, avoid canned or ready made food and sugar drink too. It is okay to have them once in a blue moon but not every day. Avoid drinking beer and alcohol. You can have wine or champagne instead of them.

Secondly, it is true that exercising is good for weight loss and health. However, do we need to spend hours in the Gym or on the running track? I do not think so. I rather choose the more fun exercises like dancing, swimming, hiking, cycling and there are many many more exercises, which will give us fun. Another interesting exercising is prank. Its real work. You just try the prank pose for 1 min before going to bed and after waking up. You will realise that you tummy will change within one week. Some will ask you to pose for as long as you can. No, not for me. It is not working.

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In your daily life, whenever you see the stair case, please use it instead of lift. For housewife, you can get the exercise from your daily house chores such as mopping the floor, washing the dishes, cooking the meal, sweeping the floor and so on. The important thing is your posture when you are doing your house chore. The posture does count. Your waist must have straight position when doing the chores.

In conclusion, Please diet at a moderate pace. Fast diet is not good for health. Eat healthy food whenever you are hungry. Avoid the snacks and sleep more. Some people claims that sleeping will make you loss weight. Less stress, stress will make you eat more. Keep fit your body for long term. Long term fix is harder than quick fix.

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