How To Lose Weight The Easy And Smart Way

Today’s fast life cycle has changed everything in life, meaning all our habits that is food taking habits, sleeping habits, eating habits everything. The main reason of this is today’s competition, comparison, everyone wants to become celebrity, with high profile life cycle.

No worries, not any tension, having plenty of food to eat, when you want to sleep, sleep anytime , get up any time .Eat junk food ,drink  bear or another cold drink , eat ice cream in any season . These all things are causing to increase weight .

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Do you know what today’s life cycle is teaching?

First increase weight how much you want & then run to decrease it. If you have to know that i must have  to decrease it then why did you are increasing it?Means today there is no another work to  anyone, only my body , my family, my profession & my carrier.There is no time to work for others as like friends, cousins, families etc then we can’t imagine for country .

Do you know today also so many people are  working as all round .They are keeping attention on everything means in relationships, in carrier, in country what is going on? & of them also helping to every person .I think this type of people have no time to keep attention on their body. They are losing automatically. As they are always active & available to everyone for each work.

What to do for losing weight

1] Drink everyday 1 glass of warm water  in the morning .

2] Do short YOGA & EXERCISE in the morning .

3] Avoid drinking black tea with sugar & milk instead drink green tea .

4] Eat green , leafy vegetables, along with fruits .

5] Do your all tasks yourself , don’t give your small works to other people.

6] Work for home, parents, family members, pets, etc While doing work keep laziness away .

7] Keep your balance while eating , means everything i like it so would have to eat it  .Leave away from this thinking.

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Best way of losing weight without drugs

8] Try to avoid junk food, drink cold drink, ice creams, another drinks etc .

9] Drink homemade soups, Lassi, buttermilk etc

10 ] Avoid to eat frying food, cream of milk, butter, cheese, pizza etc .

11] Fresh Roti & chapati is the best fibrous food to keep level of digestion in our life.

12] Keep your time fix for your eating & sleeping this is the main cause to increase weight.

Other Tips

13] Every day take your breakfast & evening dinner in the early timing.

14 ] Do not keep more attention to your health & body . Keep your body & mind free. So that you can mix everywhere without any tension & work more.

15] Work more & eat less, keep shyness away to work in your home , it will reduce your original happiness & love towards your home . Think  that any work of my  home is also my work . This is my responsibility so i must have to work on it .

HCG Before and After
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46] Keep the list of your responsibilities in your wallet , so that you can work on it . That is responsibility of my parents,my job , my society, my country, my relatives, my neighbors etc & try to work on it i think you will definitely losing your weight with it without taking any medicine or exercise.

47] Use & do  everything in limit this is the best medicine of human beings life.

48] Think that every person is mine i must have to work on him, brings unity & responsibility in our life & we are starting to work on it this can heals to our body & mind & automatically we keep balance in body & everywhere. 

49] Please do not forget to give comment on this article .This is the starting exercise of your losing weight.

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