How To Shred 3 Pounds in One Week

How to loose 3 pounds in 1 week!

We all want to loose weight and live healthier but we also and always struggle with how to start! It is a common human character that when we do not see the initial first results we fall back in our ‘ old’ habits. Most of the time, it´s due to the loss of motivation when our efforts are not supported by results! It is therefore wise to make a good plan. Choose not only the correct diet but also make smaller changes in your lifestyle.

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A good start is to set your goals first: how much weight do you want to loose? As to establish the correct path to achieving this and the best way to start is with a plan to loose the first kilo’s fast as this will give instant results. It will motivate us to ‘ hang in there’ and continue a healthier more suitable life style. In order to do so, here are some tips to loose these initial pounds fast in the first week.

Change Your Diet

Start to change your daily diet with a diet with lower calories, less or no saturated fats and smaller but more frequent portions. This will result in the first visible weight loss! To establish a diet with lower calories you can make a schedule in where you count the calories of each meal, this will help in keeping track of your calorie intake. Only eat the daily meals and avoid i between snacks (for this first week)!

Stay Away From Junk

Eat more whole foods in stead of processed foods and stay away from any type of junk food! It is very easy to do your research and consult a dietitian to inform yourself of these foods which support a good and low calorie diet. Set a weekly schedule with this low calorie diet and do not deviate from this schedule! Fruits and drinking of water can help in lowering the feel of hunger and lets you stay in tune with your diet! As this is only for the first week anybody can endure this and results are instant. After this initial first week and when the first weight loss goals are reached you can change your diet to suit a more longer weight loss plan!

Establish A Workout Regime

Start a exercise regime with a high intense training interval, your trainer can advise you which training is best suited for achieving the highest form of active training which will also result in instant results! What is a high intense training regime? Training sets with or higher weights or more repetitions over periods between 10 to 15 minutes are resulting in higher results and burn calories faster. Do this high intense training however only under guidance of an expert! Again, this is only for the first week as to achieve the first weight loss goals and after this a more suitable longer lasting training schedule should be in place! Motivation comes from results and will supported as such our determination to stay the course!

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And Generally Be Active

When leaving the gym, your exercise does not stop there! Be also more mobile and active outside the gym such as: for smaller tasks take your bike or walk in stead of taking your car. Try to participate more in daily activities in the house which will result in more physical movements and therefor also contributes in your weight loss goals! Stop being that couch potato and be more active in general!

If you have the will, try and fast. This can be done in an interval of 1 day fasting 2 days diet. However, when you train it is advised to fast in different periods! Fasting, if done responsibly can result in our daily intake of food as we let our body get used to a lower intake of food then it was used to.


Does HCG Help You Lose Weight?Drink more water and refrain from sugary and energy drinks as they are full with sugar! Water is essential for our body, it cleans the organs and replaces much needed energy and will take away the feel of hunger.

After you have set your plan and diet as well as your training schedule you will for sure see the instant result in weight loss in the first week!

When you follow the above responsibly and with determination you will loose up to 3 pounds easily in 1 week! This should set your goals in loosing the weight you want to loose in the long run with a less extreme diet and training over a much longer period as it has triggered your motivation to loose weight and has avoided you falling back in ‘ old habits’ and that is the most important goals of this first wee, right?

So, make up your mind and start with your research and weight loss/training schedule today! You will experience not only that you loose weight but it will result in a healthier life style all together!

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