How To Survive On 500 Calories Per Day

The 500-Calories diet:

When we want or have to loose weight we all look for the perfect diet and ways to loose our excess kilo’s, so what are our options?

While there are numerous diet suggestions available on the internet and many nutrition experts that are eager to help and suggest the best suitable diet for your body and metabolism it is wise to consult your doctor as depending on your BMI your doctor might first suggest a very low calorie as to start up your diet and then transfer into your final diet as to maintain the achieved weight by the low calorie diet.

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Can we survive a 500 diet?

Yes we can but only for a short and recommended period as well as preferably guided by your doctor or an expert nutrition guidance adviser, why?

When we deprive our body from calories and when we consume less then the needed (depending on gender – height – body mass) 1200 calories a day our body can go into survival mode and start stocking up on fat at various places in your body as to protect itself from any harm!

So why start with a 500 calories diet?

When you want or need to loose weight it is very important that you loose weight the correct way and that the achieved results are also maintained and the main reason why we continue with any diet is results and motivation! This can be achieved when we start with a 500 calories diet as you loose weight very fast and that will motivate you to continue the actual and less drastic diet!

What is a 500 cal diet?

A 500 diet is diet which consists of a very low-calorie count. It can includes meal variations and/or supplements such as drinks, shakes, and bars for preferably two meals per day. This far lower calorie intake will assist your body to get used to a far lower calorie diet and it will  store fuel sources differently such as fat. And, as a result, you will loose weight rapidly. BUT, you have to follow this type of drastic diet always in coordination with your doctor or a dietitian as to make sure that your BMI is kept in balance and that you responsibly follow this diet as it is a diet that is at the start of your actual diet! So and again consult your doctor and follow his/her advise!

A guide to the diet plan:

Does HCG Help You Lose Weight?This diet plan focuses on – breakfast, lunch and dinner and usually consist out of  a variation of solid and liquid foods, here are some examples:

-Breakfast: 1. Thee or low fat milk (no sugar or sweetener) and a cracker.

2. Fruit combined with low fat cheese (recommended portion +/- half a bowl full)

3. Low fat milk and Bran cereal (recommended portion 1 bowl)

*To avoid any hunger sensation you can drink a glass of water before breakfast!

-Lunch: 1. Plain (without seasoning) cooked chicken combined with grilled vegetables (+/- 85 gram)

2. Vegetable wrap with fish or chicken (55 gram)

3. Any type of salad but with a low fat dressing in a small amount (1 bowl)

*If you still feel hungry you can supplement your lunch with some fruits!

-Dinner: 1. Omelet of egg white only combined with vegetables (2 eggs)

2. Vegetable – bouillon or chicken soup (medium size bowl or plate)

3. Grilled or stir fried vegetables to your liking (1 plate)

*The above suggestions can be supplemented with toasted low fat bread!

Drinking water or thee (without sugar or sweetener) before breakfast – lunch – dinner can reduce the hunger sensation and will avoid over eating. There are many more variations and one can compose your own diet suggestions (look for suggestions on the internet) as long as the calories are 500! Then there are different frequencies one should follow this 500 calories diet as to avoid any issue with your health, preferably the diet should be considered as fasting and followed not longer as 2-3 days and then followed by a much less extreme diet as to allow your body and its metabolism to adjust safe and correctly – all under guidance of your doctor or dietitian!

Here is a list of foods that fit in this diet:

  • Vegetables such as: broccoli, carrots, various roots, cabbage and lettuce for example. They are very low in calories but are full with nutrition. They are safe and good for your health!
  • Various Salads: sauteed, stir-fried or raw and natural. They will reduce the chance of loosing valuable enzymes and nutrients.
  • Low-fat milk or yogurt.
  • Fruits and fresh fruit juices. Avoid high natural sugar foods such as: mangoes, pineapple, and grapes as they have very high sugar levels naturally!
  • You can make your salads more tasty with olive oil, lime juice or salt, and pepper in moderate portions!
  • Normally cooked chicken, certain types of (white) fish and seafood such as shrimp.

Try to avoid canned and/or processed foods as they are normally preserved with high calorie substances, soft drinks as they contain a lot of sugar and red meat in general.

I hope you will follow the very important guidance from your doctor and/or dietitian and that you are able to find those low calorie foods which can and will compose your suitable 5oo calories diet and that you achieve your desired weight during the interval diet start period so you can confidentially merge into your daily and less extreme diet which will suit you – your body and your life style.

It takes some determination and a small sacrifice in the beginning but the results will be amazing and your life and health will improve!