Is Weight Loss Healthy or Not?

We all come to a point in life where we ask our self: Is weight loss healthy or not?

Well, YES but weight loss must be done responsibly and preferably under guidance of and with your doctor. You also need an expert dietitian. This way, your body and excess weight (BMI) as well as the correct therapy and diet can correctly be decided!

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Don´t Resort

While there are many diets and exercise suggestions on the internet, as well as provided and advertised by numerous experts it pays to do your research well! Do not resort too fast or easy to diets combined with all sorts of supplements. But make a good and calculated strategy with your doctor depending on your body structure and weight. This will help you decide how much you want (or need) to loose weight because as already confirmed: Weight loss is healthy!

Correct Diet

By loosing our excess weight and by improving our food intake by implementing the correct diet all in combination with a suitable exercise regime on a weekly base, (do not over exaggerate your exercise in the beginning and build this up gradually) we will reduce not only weight but we also build to a more functional body with a better metabolism. This results in a much healthier life style all together!

How to achieve the best diet, the most suitable exercise regime and better life style in general?

Make the Right Choice

First start with your actual and current weight and then establish with your doctor what should be your ideal weight – depending on body mass, height, age, etc. Then really explore and find the correct diet, this could mean that in some cases your diet can consist out of not only a healthier diet but also supplements to make sure that you secure your correct intake of calories and nutrition’s! This is utmost important as loosing weight too fast or not steady enough (ping – pong effect) will for sure have a negative result on your state of mind and will create a relapse in your results.

Talk to An Expert

Next to this and when your perfect diet and intake of calories and nutrition’s are established, consult with an expert regarding a suitable exercise regime. Regime sounds so harsh but lets face it, we all endure hardships when we start to exercise, right? Weight loss and to do this responsible does not stop with starting to eat right and reduce intake of calories or fats. It does need a support by exercise!

When both your diet and exercise plan are fixed make a time line. Use it to periodically check and update with your doctor and physical trainer/guidance. This will let you see the progress and intermediate results. It might be possible that during the first period one need to adjust either your diet or your exercise plan when the results fail to meet the expectations. We all have a love – hate affair with the scale. Especially in the first few weeks and will either gain or loose confidence depending on the results.

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Guidance Helps

HCG Before and After

While most people will definitely start loosing weight in this so important first few weeks mainly because the diet is is more healthy and with much less calories and fat intake compared to the previous life style and the exercise (which was before probably not the case) is starting to show results, some people will struggle in the same period and might either stop or search for more extreme measures as to increase their weight loss – do not do this! Check and consult with your guidance and stay the course which you set out as then and only then will weight loss remain healthy!

Next to the above it is wise to reduce intake of saturated fats and replace them with non-saturated fat intake. Your dietitian can advise you properly on how to do this and which food items are good and less good. As a result, this will help your diet and general weight loss as well.


So, is weight loss healthy or not? Yes and if done correctly it will not only result in weight loss. But also in a much healthier body and life style!

Get your strategy in place – consult your doctor and a good dietitian and start a healthier life style!

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