Facts About Liquid Diet Plan With Adequate Nutrients

Are you interested in following liquid diet plan? If that is so, you are at the right place. Before planning your liquid diet plan, you need to know certain things. First of all, why do you want to be on liquid diet? Second, what type of liquid diet do you need?.

There might be a few reasons to know this. You may have to undergo a forthcoming surgery. You might suffer from intestinal disorders. These are some reasons as to why you require a liquid diet.

In general, you may go for liquid diet, if your aim is to lose weight. However, doctor’s supervision is necessary when you are on a liquid diet. You can plan a seven day liquid diet in consultation with your physician for this purpose.

Accordingly, a liquid diet meal plan tailored to meet your food needs will be designed. This will ensure that you will get adequate nutrients. Here, you will have options to follow while taking breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts.

Meal Plan Options for Breakfast   

You can start your morning breakfast with a fruit juice. Without pulp this is prepared. Further, you can consume cream of rice, wheat or oatmeal. They need to be cooked well. Adding extra milk will thin down these preparations.

Besides, your breakfast must also consist of additional liquid nutrients and milk. Your liquid diet may include Branded items such as Boost or Ensure. However, this 7 day liquid diet plan may include variables.

You can consume different types of juices through a plan of rotation. Adopt the same strategy for your cereals as well. Adding fruit smoothies prepared with yoghurt is another option. Fruits must be taken without any seeds and skin. You can also use kefir. This is considered as a type of yoghurt that is prepared in drinkable form.

Adding calories to liquid diet breakfast is through honey. Your smoothies can be sweetened with maple syrup. For your breakfast, adding small quantity of melted butter to the breakfast cereal is another option.

Liquid Diet Option For Lunch And Dinner

For your lunch and dinner, you can select a soup that is in pureed form. It is a good option. Soup preparation may be of your own. You can also go for readymade soup preparations.  If you prepare soup on your own, then strain it properly.

Adding silken tofu, yoghurt or avocado will provide you extra nutrients. Your liquid diet can be added with protein powder. This will increase your intake of protein. Besides, you can add milk powder in skimmed form. You can use these options as a drink replacement meal.

Soup can be taken with tea. This drink can be topped with honey and lemon. You can also use vegetable juice or milk. Another type of liquid diet is taking baby foods without lumps. This can be diluted with milk, broth or water.

Snacks and Dessert Options

Liquid food diet should be taken once daily. You can eat meals and snacks also. This can be done if you do not intend losing weight. Your liquid diet can contain ice pops, bars of fruit juice or ice creams. Puddings, milkshakes, whipped cream having gelatin or sherbet, can also be taken.

Important Considerations 

You should know that losing weight through liquid diet will have low calorie intake. It might consist of nearly eight calories daily. Hence, this method must be adopted under the supervision of a physician. If not, your body may not gain the required nutrients.

Following liquid diet routine, may help in reducing weight quickly. But, when you consume foods regularly, it is hard to maintain the loss of weight.

It is not advisable to take dairy products daily with your liquid diet. Avoiding this will help you to prevent side effects. It may cause gastrointestinal disorders. This is possible only when you are not comfortable taking lactose.

Always consult your expert nutritionist or physician before taking any liquid diet. It must consist of adequate nutrients. It will not disturb your condition of health. You might be suffering from symptoms like high blood pressure, disease of the heart or kidney infection. The diet will not harm the body.

All that you need is to consume adequate nutritional supplements. For a period more than five days, you can continue this practice for good results.

Advantages Of Liquid Diet 

You can derive important advantages by following a liquid diet plan. You can lose weight. Besides, your rate of metabolic characteristics gets boosted. Other benefits include improvement in the function of your body organs. Your body gets detoxified through liquid diet consumption.

HCG Diet – the better alternative

Liquid Diet

For best results, the 500 calorie diet / 800 calorie diet (hcg weight loss) is recommended. These are hcg drops (hcg triumph / hcg complex) or hcg injections (hcgrx).

Aim of weight loss 

Your primary aim of losing weight can be achieved through liquid diet. It helps you to decrease calories intake in a drastic way. It is possible for you to generate a deficiency of calories in your body. More than fifty percent can be achieved.  Hence, burning of calories is increased in comparison to the calories that you consume. This condition is the basis for you to lose weight. It is possible for you to lose weight by one pound per day through liquid diet.

Body Metabolism Gets Boosted 

Through liquid diet, the metabolism of your body gets slowed down. This is in order to save energy. It happens when your body is deprived of calories. This situation may not be a good for the body. However, it may help you to train your body. This can help your body to have more capacity to work with fewer calories.

Toxin Elimination

When you consume solid foods, your body starts working. This process will help you to get rid of toxins.  At the same time, dissolving of solid foods occur. But, through liquid diet, detoxification of organs takes place, thus cleaning the system. Besides, liquid diet will flush out toxins from the bladder and kidneys. Toxin stored in the digestive tracts and colon is also eliminated through liquid diet.

Organ Function Gets Improved

While taking liquid diet meal, it is vital for you to take fruit and vegetable juices. Hence, your body will get plenty of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Your entire nervous system and organs’ function gets improved through liquid diets.

Effectiveness of Liquid Diet

The positive effects of liquid diet might vary from person to person. Usually attaining weight loss through liquid diet might be someone’s objective. But, it might be a temporary phase for other people. Maximum weight loss is through weight of water. It can also indicate deficiency in calories. Following normal diet later might make you gain weight again. Your regular diet habits along with liquid diet may show better effectiveness.

Other effects of Liquid Diet

Certain symptoms of liquid diet should be taken into consideration. You might experience constipation. Deficiency in calories and nutrients, or loss in muscle mass can occur. But, a healthy intake of liquid diet will prevent these conditions.

The skin and pulp from vegetables and fruits are essential. These contain important fiber for digestion. Hence, you can avoid constipation, slow digestion or stomach uneasiness.

Liquid diet lowers calorie intake. But, avoiding daily necessary nutrients is unadvisable. This can lead to headaches or weakness of muscles. Further, it can cause cognitive confusion or fatigue.


Losing weight through liquid diet is quite common. But, necessary precautions have to be taken. Following hcg diet along with adequate healthy food is the answer. This will assist you in losing weight and retaining vital nutrients.

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Liquid Diet
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