Lose Weight Fast: Simple Steps You Can Follow

Today I get up early in the morning & before that i was aware in the bed to get up but some lazy points not allowing me to get up & my husband had started the TV . The news  are continuously running on it .One big news was how to lose weight?

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How to Lose Weight Fast: 3 Simple Steps, Based on Science

I was in the sleep [slight] & listening some words on my ear .First i think that ”Hey, God , today if you are searching  for the people who are worrying more for any issue then you will get only the people who are worrying for losing weight”.

I  think that you are only moving in the universe for it . As this problem become very difficult today. What simple tips have to be given to the people who are working on it . Give me some idea.

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So many times i have given so many ideas to the people please do not eat these types of food they are eating, i have given them some exercise to do it they are not doing it & telling every time this problem to every one.

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Now i am giving them some simple steps which you have told me in the last night in my dream. I know 100% they will follow all these tips & losing their weight .As it is of your tips.

Hello Readers, now i am giving you the tips which GOD has given so keep it with you carefully. Do not keep as it is as like some valuable jewelers but work on it.

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Weight Loss Tips

1] Get up early in the morning do simple exercise .If you are getting bored to do exercise quit your servant make cleaning of your home yourself it will give you more happiness & producing good hormones .It will help definitely to lose your weight.

2] Drink warm water. Do simple exercise , as like jumping on the rope, or wondering inside the  compound

3] Drink honey’s 2 or 3 drops along with warm water it can definitely works for losing weight.

4] If you didn’t like honey & water then  drink lemon water in the morning it also keeping you light.

3] Learn meditation . Good Meditation keeps you better in any situation . It keeps circulation of blood clearly & helps to keep body light.

4] Always take light breakfast. As like sprouts, vegetable soups, salads, Idali’s, poha, puffed rice ,

5] If you have time to make Masaj  to your body then try to make it with sea same oil. As it keeps circulation of your blood in a right way.

6] Avoid more oily food, snacks, fatty foods, junk food, as like cheese, butter , milk cream etc .

7] Keep attention on eating breakfast how much i need to take it? Is this much is Okay.

8] Drink tea or coffee without sugar or with less sugar .As sugar is entering in our body by means of so many another way. That is with another food.

8]  Keep your fix time to take lunch if we will change our timing of lunch then we will come across in another habit that is drinking more tea or coffee or drinking beer etc causes weight problem .

Other Tips To Use

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9] I think more weight losing problems are those who are running their business .The person who is doing job for company or GOVT.service have less problem to lose weight .This is my observation what is yours share with me.

10 ] Eating more fruits having more juice also keeps you light .Of them Avocado, coconut, cucumber, watermelon, papaya , Muskmelon, Guava ,cane sugar helps to keep your blood circulation better & it gives good feedback to your health problem.

11] Best way to lose weight is eat fibrous food as like leafy vegetables, Spinach, Methi, Rajamma,  Caulifower, cabbage, green chilly etc  breakfast cereals and added sugar.

12] Avoid to eat frying food, more calorie value food .

13] Do not take more diet at one time .Always drink more eat less .It can keep you fresh & light.


14] Avoid sleeping in the afternoon time .This habit definitely increasing your health problems .Afternoon sleep creates a lot of toxins, increasing fats ,cough in our body & it causes gain in weight .

15] Always eat light weight food snacks without sugar, some peanuts [baked] provides good proteins , baked channa, almonds, cashew nuts etc .

16] Always keep rich protein value food in your purse . They always keep you fulfill & light.

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