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With dozens of suppliers online, it’s hard knowing which company to order from. There are so many scam companies out there, you have to be careful not to get scammed yourself. Nobody wants to waste their money. That is why we recommend Official HCG Diet Plan. This company sells official hcg homeopathic drops at the best prices online. Numerous customers have bought from this company before and, from what we’ve read on the official hcg diet plan reviews, it sounds like people have been more than happy with their service.

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Is Official HCG Diet Plan the Right Choice For You?

Don’t rush into buying anything online without doing a bit of research. We know you probably don’t have time to spend all day reading reviews about different suppliers. Not many people do. Still, we highly recommend spending at least 10-15 minutes looking into the company and seeing what kind of feedback they’ve received. This is the safest way to find out if a company is legitimate. We regularly review HCG for weight loss suppliers to give our readers honest feedback about a company. The next one we’re doing is Official HCG Diet Plan.

Official HCG Diet Drops is a US based company, offering a range of affordable HCG kits. The official HCG Diet Plan company has an excellent reputation for selling high quality goods. Here are some reasons why Official HCG Diet Plan supplier might be the best choice for you.

  • – All of their products are made in the United States
  • – They offer dietary assistance to customers and non-customers
  • – Products come shipped with free recipes and diet guides
  • – They offer free same day delivery
  • – Official HCG Diet Plan offers a full refund and an additional $10 for your inconvenience

Official HCG Diet Plan US promises to provide you with premium quality health products, great customer service and the best possible support. If you want all of that, this could be the right supplier for you. Take a chance on official hcg diet plan better business bureau and you’ll definitely be happy with their service.

What Do Official HCG Diet Plan Sell?

No U.S. company can sell pure hcg drops over the counter without a prescription. For that reason, this company sells official hcg homeopathic drops. Their Official hcg diet plan drops are created with the electromagnetic frequency of the hormone and work just as well as the pure version of the drops. Because the body is made up of over 90% water, these electromagnetic messages are easily transmitted through the human body.

Official HCG Diet Plan drops will help you lose weight fast, boost your energy levels and you’ll be more than happy with their prices. With your order, you will also receive free dietary advice, as well as recipes and guides packaged in with the homeopathic drops official HCG Diet Plan.

Here are some of the Official HCG Diet Plan products for sale:

  • – 15 Day Official HCG Diet Plan – $59 ($89)
  • – 21 Day Official HCG Diet Plan – $79 ($149)
  • – 45 Day Official HCG Diet Plan – $99 ($199)
  • – 90 Day Official HCG Diet Plan – $129 (199)
  • – Couples Official HCG Diet Plan $129 ($199)

….and more!

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Official HCG Before And After

Official HCG Before And After
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Official HCG Diet Plan Menu

People gain weight for a host of different reasons. From medical issues to overindulging over the holidays, everyone has their own reason for struggling to shift the weight. We all agree that the faster we lose weight, the better. The problem with most diets is that it’s such a slow, long-winded process. For some people, it takes months before they lose a few pounds.

The official hcg diet plan is so popular because it’s the fastest diet regime in the world. And it’s simple! All you have to do is follow a 500 calorie diet combined with hcg injections or drops which decrease your hunger, and the weight will drop off. There are other versions of this diet: the 800 calorie diet and the 1200 calorie diet.

Official HCG Diet Plan Phases

The HCG diet is divided into three different phases that each has their own set of guidelines. But don’t worry, the phases are simple. Let’s take a look at what they’re like:

Phase 1 (2 days): Start using your official hcg diet plan drops. Consume as much as you like or whatever you want in this phase. It will get you through the next phase.

Phase 2 (3-6 weeks): Continue using your official hcg diet plan supplements. Start following the 500 calorie protocol. The amount of time you do this phase depends on the official hcg diet plan program you are following. You will lose weight during this phase.

Phase 3: Stop using your drops. Increase your calorie intake to 1200 per day. Try to stick to following a healthy diet so you can maintain your official HCG diet plan weight loss.

Are you a man interested in following this diet plan? Read more about the uses of hcg for men.

Official HCG

Official HCG Diet Plan Reviews

Here we have some Official HCG Diet Plan success stories from people who have ordered from this company and experienced great results with the diet. Read these Official HCG Diet Plan testimonials below.

Excellent company

After a bad experience with the last supplier I used, I was apprehensive about using this company. The last company ripped me off big time and the product itself was poor quality too. In the end, I ordered official hcg diet plan homeopathic drops online from them and was actually very happy with their service. I have already lost 6lbs in the 15 day plan. The results have been unbelievable. Excellent company, excellent service! – Kelly R.

Superb support

This stuff works FAST! I dropped 18lbs in the first cycle of the official hcg diet plan and I’ve never felt so great. I’ve actually used the Official HCG Diet Plan kits a few times before and I’ve never been unhappy with their service or their products. Not only do they offer great value for money, they also provide superb support with the diet to make sure you know what you’re doing and how to use it. I have nothing but good words to say about this company! – Jeff Barnes

Buy Official HCG Diet Plan Drops

Are you looking to buy HCG? There are many companies online from whom you can order. But you should be warned, not all of them are honest and professional. There are companies out there that are scamming people. If you don’t want to lose money and you’re looking for the best company out there, we recommend Official HCG Diet Plan. This U.S company is one of the leading suppliers in the country. Even better, their Official HCG Diet Plan kits start from just $59. You won’t find better prices around.

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Official HCG Reviews

Outstanding service!


Big thank you to all the team at Official HCG Diet Plan for your outstanding service! I have lost a total of 32 pounds since starting their diet plan and using the drops. Anyone who is hesitant about ordering from this company should definitely give them a chance. They are professional, reliable, understanding and really helpful. Plus, they add free goodies in the way of diet guides and recipes in your order package.

What I love the most about Official HCG Diet Plan is how much support they give you before, during and after ordering from them. They give you their full attention whenever you need them. Highly recommended!

Official HCG to lose weight and how good it works.


Proponents of the HCG diet claim that it boosts metabolism and helps you lose large amounts of fat — all without feeling hungry. This is especially common in diets that severely restrict calorie intake, such as the HCG diet. Your body may also think it’s starving and reduce the number of calories it burns in order to conserve energy. If you’re on a low-calorie diet, there are much better ways to prevent muscle loss and metabolic slowdown than taking HCG. Weightlifting is the most effective strategy. Likewise, eating plenty of high-protein foods and taking an occasional break from your diet can boost metabolism. Some people claim that the HCG diet helps prevent muscle loss and metabolic slowdown while severely restricting calories. The HCG diet is a very low-fat, very low-calorie diet. While people seeking minimal weight loss may spend three weeks on the middle phase, those seeking significant weight loss may be advised to follow the diet for six weeks — and even repeat all phases of the cycle several times. During the weight loss phase, you’re only allowed to eat two meals per day — usually lunch and dinner. HCG meal plans generally suggest that each meal should contain one portion of lean protein, a vegetable, a piece of bread and a fruit.

The HCG diet limits calorie intake to around 500 calories per day for weeks at a time, making it an extreme weight loss diet. Any diet that is this low in calories will make you lose weight The HCG diet has been popular for many years. It’s an extreme diet, claimed to cause fast weight loss of up to 1–2 pounds (0.5–1 kg) per day. What’s more, you’re not supposed to feel hungry in the process. HCG is short for Human Chronionic Gonadotropin. This is a hormone that the body makes during pregnancy. However, researches have found out that this hormone can be of great aid to a person’s fat loss journey. This hormone was being researched since 1930 by Dr. Simeons. The Human Chronionic Gonadotropin hormone can give you few aces in your hand when you are dealing with fat loss. It can help you suppress hunger, increase your natural testosterone levels, and increase your metabolism. By increasing your metabolism, you can lose more fat without doing anything. Even if you sit on your couch all day, the HCG Hormone can still increase your metabolism and give you a fat loss advantage. Now, this is a tough one when trying to lose fat. Of course we all need food to eat, however the problem is when we can’t control ourselves. By using this hormone you can suppress your hunger and therefore have a successful fat loss journey.
Human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, is a hormone produced during pregnancy to help the baby grow. While it has been used for different purposes in the medical community for decades, it has recently become the centerpiece of the hCG fad diet that uses hCG drops, injections, or pills to suppress appetite and cause weight loss. What can you eat on the hCG diet? Turns out, not much. Nicknamed the hCG 500-calorie diet for a reason, following the rules set forth in Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity, the recognized protocol for the diet, means you only consume 500 calories a day. (To put that in context, the average active adult woman requires 2,200 to 2,400 calories a day, according to the National Institutes of Health.) And those 500 calories are limited to specific kinds of animal protein (chicken breast, beef, veal, fresh white fish, crab, lobster, or shrimp), and certain vegetables, fruits, and grains. One noticeable thing that you can’t eat on the hCG diet: oils—even if they are healthy cooking oils such as avocado and EVOO. With all that restrictive dieting and energy intake, it’s easy to see how hCG diet results include weight loss. There are two ways you could go about this diet, one is injections and the other one is drops. You will find claims that drops aren’t worth it, that they don’t work, etc., and that you should go for injections. Now, for some situations that will come out to be true (more on this below), but you do need to know that the smart choice are the drops, because injections are far from safe.



Whether it’s having thyroid issueshCG-diet-reviews, having gained weight from menopause, overeating because of emotional issues, having an eating disorder in your past, or being a mom with kids who you wish you could set an example for, you may be able to related to their starting point in some way, which will inspire you that YES you can do this protocol and succeed too.

These interviews are with real people, of all ages, different health conditions and life circumstances- we need to see that others who have had similar struggles to us have succeeded in losing weight with hCG to convince us that the same thing is possible for ourselves.

So. Stop reading and start watching already!

HCG supplements work well


Before you set out and start with any diet to loose weight, do your research on which supplements will be good to use in combination with your new diet. HCG supplements are not only very good to combine with your diet, they also work fast and result in long lasting weight loss! Since I have started using HCG products I not only started loosing weight, I also was able to construct my diet in combination with my training. I feel better, lost the weight I needed to loose and have a better BMI now. I have reached my goals and can recommend the use of HCG to anybody as the results are amazing, so check your possibilities, do your research and consult with your doctor to safely start your diet in combination with products of HCG and reach your weight loss goal as well!