800 calories diet review


It is so tough to loose weight in this foodie world that’s what we all must be thinking. I was thinking the same until I get to know about 800 calories diet. It was designed after the 500 calories diet. 500 calories diet is tough for people who never been so strict about their food routine. So 800 calories diet for those who are little foodiebut they can control on it. I have started doing it 1 month back. My regular eating was 1500 calories to 1800 calories. If you compare both than I have lost 4kg in a week. It was very easy for me to follow it as there is no such restrictions only you have to maintain your calories. I have lost 15kg in a one can believe this but it’s true. I have taken HCG shots regularly with it. Which help me to loose more. I was taking it twice a day. One after lunch and dinner.