Hannah Meger

A Diet For The Modern Womenfolk….


The contemporary women is constantly seeking countless ways to loss weight and boy must I say have I been one of them. As the famous saying goes; ‘experience is the best teacher’ I have found the HCG shots to be a most effective way to lose weight. The acronym stands for (human chorionic gonadotropin). I took the shots in addition to being restricted to a 500 calorie diet- a diet I followed religiously for 8 entire weeks. It is not surprising that I had to cut down on several ‘comfort foods’ and my friends often joke that this diet has gone a long way in boosting my self control.

I had to however, forgo the most important meal of the day and only stuck to eating lunch and dinner. The meals I had comprised fruit, (grapefruits ad oranges) veggies (cucumbers, spinach, green salad) protein (shrimp, veal, fish, chicken) and bread. Obviously as with all other health related issues it is best to consult with a medical doctor. It may not be appropriate for vegetarians and vegans, for instance who may be at great risk of protein deficiency. Here’s to a new and improved you!!!