Linda Saager

I lost 40 pounds in just 26 days!


I suffered from depression before after having a miscarriage and started gaining too much fat and weight because of my stress-eating habit. My old clothes doesn’t fit me anymore. I felt ugly. I even get tired easily with simply just walking. In fact, I tried to starve myself just to lose some weight but the more I refrain myself from eating, the more I have the eagerness to eat a lot. Until one of my friends introduce me this HCG Triumph 26 Kit.

Just after two weeks of using it I started to feel losing some weight. I don’t even need to starve myself anymore and I am actually loving the result. Until I finished the kit after 26 days and I lost about 30 lbs. of my weight! My friends can testify that since I can now jog with them at the park which I never did since I started gaining weight.

I am so in love with this product and hoping to lose more weight and could get back to my old self.