About HCG shots


First time I read about HCG shots online, I was checking different products for help for my weight loss and that’s where I found it. I don’t want to loss only calories but also wanted to see some inches loss also. I started taking it 15 days back and in this span of period I can see the effect on my body. It is so affective that all my teenage clothes is started fitting perfectly. I can see the my thighs are getting thinner. I can see my belly fat is getting lose. I can see my face is getting slim. The shots is more affective when u take it on regular basis. To see a great result regularity is must.

I have lost 5kg in just 15 days. Most of my friends are shocked by seeing the result or they are assuming that I am doing great diet that why I am getting this result. But none of them are true. In this you don’t need to do any strict diet. Just need to follow basic things otherwise you can eat anything. I found there will be 400gm weight loss per day.

If your food intact is high then there will be a chance of more calorie loss. The best thing in this is you don’t need to take care of any special thing. You can follow your routine as you did before. There is no special training or guidance is needed. You just need to take it on time and every day. I am hoping to lose 5kg more in next 15 days. People are started noticing me and I want that everyone would get the same and lose their weight fast. I am recommending it to everyone who wanted to lose good amount of weight