800 calories diet


I have tried different diets to lose my weight but the most effective one for me is 800 calories diet. In this diet I don’t need to restrict my place at may place. In breakfast I try to take high calories in while day. I take more protein in breakfast as I take it after my workout. Also take one apple with it and in mil I take coffee. In lunch I take salad and yogurt. In evening snack I rely on fruit and cup of milk. And I am able to do it easily. It’s not difficult and I do take my favourite food once in a week.

I have lost 8kg in last 2 months. It’s not so good but I don’t want to put extra pressure on my diet. I am happy with the way I am getting my result. I also take HCG drops with it which gives me more effect with my 800 calories diet. I take it in morning and before sleeping. The routine I have set is perfect and that’s what matters to get successful in anything. I love this and I hope others would get follow this and get good results.