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5/5 One of the best things i every tried to lose weight, im really amated!!! If you want to lose weight quickly, easily and safely, then I can only recommend you hcg injections. They work the fastest and best. You lose in about 2 weeks about 10lsb 2018-09-19 Read More Suzy

Chloe Holmes

5/5 The secret to making this diet work is by following a fun and tasty 800 calorie meal plan. That is the way to do it in my opinion. Without a good meal plan, it won’t be much fun. I’ve actually tried this diet plan twice. The first time it didn’t work as well because …

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Warren Anderson

5/5 How many diet plans have I followed over the last year? Too many to count! Although some of them worked, most of them didn’t help me drop weight as fast as the 800 calorie meal plan vegetarian one did. I am so pleased with how great this plan worked for me. That is why …

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Hannah Reid

5/5 The 800 calorie diet plan is easy, effective and the results are AMAZING!!! I lost a total 30 Lbs after six weeks on this plan using the injections too. The weight literally just dropped off a week in to following this diet plan and I could not be more impressed with the results I …

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Freya Thompson

5/5 First of all, the 800 calorie plan does work there’s no doubt about that. However, you have to be prepared to do it right in order for it to work in the best possible way. That means taking the injections, following the diet plan, and not giving up. I found some great 800 calorie …

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Morgan Duncan

5/5 Until the last few months since I got fired, I’ve always been slim. But the stress of losing my job made me turn to food for comfort. I’m not actually a vegetarian but someone told me the 800 calorie vegetarian diet was more effective than the normal one – along with the drops of …

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Nicole Dixon

4/5 I followed the 800 calorie diet vegetarian and was pleased with the results. Before doing it I’d read reviews from other veggies who did the diet and they said they lost a lot of weight very quickly following this diet plan. Within 3 weeks of following this diet, I lost 12 lbs. All the …

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Frances Vasquez

5/5 My 800 calorie diet before and after pics are unbelievable! I can really see the difference from how I looked then and how much better and slimmer I look now. It took a week before I started seeing small results but by the fourth week, I’d lost 18lbs! I was over the moon and …

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Kathleen McDonald

4/5 Initially, I wasn’t sure if it was possible to do this diet as a vegan, but it seems from what people have told me, you can. I tried the 800 calorie vegan diet two months ago and have since seen incredible results. It’s a little bit difficult because you’re not allowed to consume carbs …

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Adam Reynolds

5/5 I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THE 800 CALORIE DIET!!! Finally…a diet program that does what it says on the tin. There are no over exaggerations with this diet plan. It works for real. Just a word of advice: use the shots or drops! I tried the diet plan without and it didn’t work nowhere …

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