Weight Training:

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you read the words weight training? It’s probably someone with big bulging muscles lifting weights and sweating profusely. We have some images imprinted in our minds when it comes to weight training that we tend to overlook the various benefits it has. Most women shy away from lifting weights because they do not want to look manly. Let’s take a look into some of the benefits we overlook from HCG and Weight Training.

Helps in fat loss:

We have all heard about the benefits of cardio when we are trying to lose fat, but you should always mix up cardio with weight training. Why? Because if you’re taking up cardio, you will lose weight on the scale, but it would be both fat and muscles which won’t give you the satisfaction you seek from your body. The HCG diet and weight training would help build muscle mass and give you a well-toned body. You’ll be able to say goodbye to that flab once and for all.

Helps build stronger bones:

Yes, you read that right. It helps build stronger bones. As we grow older our body muscle mass deteriorates. Several studies have shown that if you are taking up weight training it can help slow down the process of bone loss. It’ll help us in the long run, as it aids in preventing bone-related issues like osteoporosis. Weight training exercises involve free weights and resistance band exercises. Thrice a week of weight training can help you attain denser and stronger bones. HCG for Men helps you in Training.

Helps in remedying health-related issues:

Many researchers have proven that when we train with weights, the muscles are using glucose (blood sugar) for energy which continues burning even when we are done exercising. This has proven to be a great remedy for people with diabetes and to people who are insulin sensitive or have high cholesterol levels. I am sure that most of us did not know that, read here the full HCG Weight Loss article.

Helps in handling life better:

In the modern world, stress has become part of our lives. It has been observed that weight training can help reduce stress levels, manage anger. Researchers have found that the people who train quite regularly and have been for six months at the least have low-stress hormones and are happier souls. Who could have thought that lifting weights could help you with managing life itself?

Helps in gaining long-lasting results:

When we are on the journey of having a fit body, we often feel restless when we do not see quick results. Practicing cardio exercises can lead to quick results but those do not last long. You can mix those up and practice what we call circuit training exercises. These help in strengthening of the muscles and giving the cardio benefits.

We have carried this mindset for too long that weight training is only for athletic people, but the reality is completely different. I hope I have been able to give you a glimpse into the many benefits of weight training.

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