Why You Aren’t Losing Weight (And What You Can Do)

Reasons you are not losing your weight 


If we will see the newspaper you can see ads for weight loss it may be of medicines or YOGA or fitness club.

If you will start to watch the TV ,there also you can see the ads for  the weight loss .Some ads giving you tools to lose your weight .Some are telling take our medicine .One drop of medicine can lose your weight easily in ….days .100% guarantee .

What is the 500 calorie diet?

Some  diet experts are telling join here we will give you guidance that how much you have to eat ? What to eat? At what time eat? What will happen if you will eat at any time?

Now tell me what will happen the man?If he will looking all these ads in every media along with social media’s posts also of them my post also coming . You know what will become the psychology of fat person he will think that ” every thing is hopeless noone is reducing our weight ”we have to reduce our weight ourselves .Otherwise whatever may be you take any medicine or treatment these are temporary & hopeless .Nothing is working with us continuously . So to take continuously working for the weight loss we must have to prepare ourselves .

Why did our upside solutions are not working properly? We will see here .

1] Today the food which we are taking have more fats, carbohydrates , rich in proteins etc . So how  much we may be control we can’t & eat that food .

2] We didn’t work on exercise that how much we have to do? Not punctuality in exercise .

3] We didn’t have faith that if i will do this much exercise or keeping diet with the plan  then my weight definitely getting reduced.

4] We are continuously keeping eating .We like to eat the food which Dr have avoided us to eat . But still we think what will happen if i will eat it in the small quantity ?etc & start to eat continuously.

5] We think that we are so wise than Doctors or specialist & working on only on our thought.

6] Again we think so many people are so fat are they  going with heart attack? So we become careless along with keeping laziness.

7] After the age of 60 our all responsibilities have been finished then they didn’t have  no worries & any problems only they  have to look their body & this also causing obesity problems in adults .

8] Some people thinks when i was in younger state at that time there was no time to eat & now i want to eat everything & must have to eat then why did i will control for so nutritious good food?.

9] Every time  why did i have only problem see that person how he is enjoying his life happily by eating everything, going every where  without doing any exercise  & how much he has slim body then why this problem is with me?

10] Most serious cause to do not lose weight is nothing will happen if we have a  more weight.It’s natural what we can do?

11]  Some people thinks that if i will become weak front person can’t have any impression .My body is my good impression.

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1] Avoid laziness & careless thought .

2] Get up early in the morning , drink warm water.

3] Go to running compulsory, if running not possible walk only.

4] Keep fibrous food in your diet , drink buttermilk, lemon water ,coconut water etc .

5] Keep attention on your diet .Always take light weight breakfast.

6] Do not eat more at one time , eat less , drink more , indulge in any creative activity.

7] Join any spiritual healing program, learn meditation, YOGA  attend Yoga Class.

8] Think that i am a young person nothing will effect on me.

9] Mix with all groups or activities , always give work to your muscles . Work  as this is our work .

10] Avoid junk food, cold drinks, ice creams, creams, cheese, butter , Pizza, nuts etc .

11] Eat fresh leafy vegetables, fruits, sprouts, some dry fruits which can keep your mind active so that you didn’t feel any laziness .

12] Avoid to sit at one place, watching more TV , Working on mobile, working on PC continuously .If you have sitting job means to sit at one place then you must have to keep attention to your diet . Eat less every time.

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