You Have A Vitamin B12 Deficiency – And How To Fix It

B12 Vitamin is the real secret of our Golden life. Do you know why did it reduces in our body ? It has  many reasons of them main are mental & some are physical.

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We will discuss here which are Mental  

When we have any issue at our home maybe quarrel any argument & we are in tension it changes our hormonal activity & causing to reduce B12 . By worrying, always remaining in stress,

Don’t have any way to express your problems or feelings, having stress of competition, exam tension , pressure of any activity & if you didn’t have skill how to overcome it then it stops to secrets useful hormones & it causes to reducing Vitamins & so we are suffering from so many hormonal deficiency.

So to complete it first we must have to overcome all these problems .Still we have to face everyday problems maybe we have a  lot of problems as front person didn’t use all knowledge in daily life & causing problems purposely. Sometimes we also not using our knowledge & creating problems & it makes deficiency of Vitamins


To overcome this deficiency we must have to keep  attention to our diet.If we will take everyday balancing diet then there is no need to worry about it. Still we must have to take milk everyday along with milk products Buttermilk, butter, ghee , Curd etc . We

can complete this need via taking fruits like apple, Guava, Chikoo, along with egg .

Leafy vegetables especially Spinach, Methi,  Raddish, etc If we can take dry fruits like dates, Anjeer, Almonds, Cashew nuts etc also carrying a lot of VitaminB12 .

The person who can’t spend money on above things he must have to eat cane sugar or juice of it . Eat raw fruits, or raw leafy vegetables [fresh] gives good benefits for B12 .

Vitamin  B12 Is the main source of keeping hormone balance in our body. So we must have to attend for it .

Do you know some people are taking good diet but they are losing it with so many activities .

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In the village so many people have a bad  habit to drink tea while working , as they think that drinking tea gives power to work them for some extant it is true as tea gives freshness for a while but it kills hunger & so lose appeti it causes to lose Deficiency of B12. I think to avoid this problem they must have to work on it or must have to avoid it.

If we will not eating at proper time we lose our appetite & it causes deficiency in Vitamin12 .  Sometimes by drinking another drink also reducing appetite & it creates deficiency in our body. So we must have to be work on above problem .

Some people keeping fast it also causes to create deficiency in Vitamin B12 .

If we will eat more hot/stale , worst, infected  food then also it creates fungal infection in our body & creates B12 deficiency. So to avoid it or keep balance in our body we must have to work on it.

Everyone wants to keep body strong & healthy still we have a lot of problems in this period .

The food which we are taking have mixture of chemicals & some poisons products as like insecticides  or another infected germs that also causing deficiency of Vitamins in our Body .  For that we must have to eat organic food .

Another reason of getting deficiency is if we are eating outside home then means in any mess or hotels all are not loyal they are making corruption to provide you food as they have to run their profession. We  feel it’s test better for a while but it also reduces Vitamins in your body.


1] Keep mental condition strong in any situation

2]  Work on diet .

3] Eat homemade , healthy food.

4] Avoid to drink tea or coffee more time .

5] Eat fresh , leafy vegetables along with milk & eggs.

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